Vagina-Flavored Chips Are On Sale; Chazz Launches Potato Chips With Unique Taste As Millennials 'Aren't Having Sex'

A European company has launched vagina-flavored chips. Chazz, the Lithuania-based creators of the private-parroting potato chips, boasted the new flavor that tastes like a woman's genitals.

The company claims that these chips with unique taste are for brave and free people and after tasting it, you will remember your wildest love adventures, your first real love, and maybe even lose your oral virginity.

Chazz chips
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Chazz Had A List Of Vagina Flavors

Following long discussions and arguments, the company said that they realized that the list of vagina flavors they had was not strong enough - until now, "every time we tasted Vulva (the scientific name of Pussy), we did not try to understand what it reminded us of."

Chazz Selected Five Team Members To Find Out Taste of Vagina

Elaborating on the development of the flavor, the company stressed that they selected the five bravest and most experienced team members (boys and girls) and sent them on individual hunts to come back with a fresh list of flavors.

At the same time, other colleagues were googling in forums and comments and found dozens of opinions from different countries about what the vagina taste associates with.

As they summed up the results and focused on all the essential sensations of this taste, the company formed the task and sent it to the 3 huge EU manufacturers of spices.

"From dozens of samples provided by them, we selected a few that were closest to the task, adjusted the proportions of the ingredients and we managed to reflect this taste as close as possible," said the company.

Chazz, which claims that it creates chips with the bravest flavors, showed that the most popular series for their products is 18+only.

"We are keen on experimenting, surprising our fans, and not trying to please everyone. Our clients live life the way they want, they are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, have no complexes, and do not care what others would say about them," the company said in its statement.

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