Californian Woman Dies While Trying to Catch Sword with Her Vagina; Fake News Leads to Social Media Chatter

The screenshot of a news article about a Californian woman passing away while trying to hold the sword with her vagina has caught the attention of the social media followers.

During the' Fact Check' conducted by it was found that the news was fake and that the headline originated from a satire and comedy site

However, this write-up even referred to the woman as Kelly Brower who was practicing the act for her appearance on the famous television show, "America's Got Talent".

The social media followers flooded the platforms with queries and assumptions even before the Fact Check. Owing to the "absurdity" that revolved around the write-up, people were inquisitive to know more details about the woman in question and the incident.

Kelly Brower

Is It a Publicity Stunt By America's Got Talent

Some of the social media followers even criticized the makers of the television show, America's Got Talent stating that it was a publicity stunt to catch the attention of the viewers.

America's Got Talent is show that thrives upon the daredevil acts of the participants which is why nothing seems unusual to its viewers and followers.

Among the interesting reactions, a group of followers also believe that the photoshopped picture of the woman resembles a living person adding that she would disclose her identity soon.

At the same time, a group of people have appreciated the ideation and imagination behind the satirical piece stating that it was "well written".

A twitter user replying to @AnnaKKraken stated, "If you can't catch a sword with your vagina how do you even call yourself a woman?"

Another twitter user expressed, "Either swords or vaginas need to come with specific warnings? Don't do this."

"Replying to @DevilPup74 and @Tawn32010458, a tweet read, "Shame but gets me one step closer to the final with my "Hairdryer juggling on the edge of a full tepid bath of swords and vaginas," read a tweet.

Replying to @_TheFeminists, another tweet read, "Vagina is Latin for sword sheath, gotta love it when you're able to name something for its function, like speedometer or thermometer."