Shocking Video Captures Moment Surgeon Struggles to Remove Live Snake from Woman's Ear Canal [WATCH]

Unfortunately, despite his arsenal of Swiss Army knives' worth of instruments, including forceps and Q-tips, he is unable to free the reptile from its awkward position.

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Snakes are one of the most dangerous and venomous creatures on the planet and snake bites can be fatal if not treated immediately. So, imagine a snake getting inside your ear and a doctor struggling to remove it. Shocking video footage has emerged that captures the alleged moment a "surgeon" tries to remove a live snake that entered a woman's ear.

Video of the herpetological surgery has racked up more than 125,000 views as viewers speculate whether or not the squirm-inducing footage is authentic. The video was uploaded by a user in India a few days back and the woman in the footage who was being operated on by the surgeon too looks like an Indian.

Spine-Chilling Moment


Although the authenticity of the video isn't known, it appears to be real. The bizarre Facebook video was uploaded on September 1 by an Indian social media star named Chandan Singh to his 20,126 followers with the description "The snake has gone in the ear."

According to a local news newspaper, The Economic Times, the precise location, timing, and mode of this terrible incident are unknown.

The video shows the hands of a doctor who is wearing a pair of gloves trying to poke the snake out of the woman's ear with a tweezer. The doctor can be seen in the nearly four-minute movie desperately trying to remove a black and yellow snake that is poking its head out of a female patient's ear.

Snake in Ear
The snake poking its head out of the woman's ear as the doctor struggles to pull it out Twitter

The only instrument he uses is a tweezer. For the entire four minutes, the camera focuses on the ear of the woman and the doctor's hands, while the reptile continues to poke its head out.

Real or Fake

Unfortunately, despite his arsenal of Swiss Army knives' worth of instruments, including forceps and Q-tips, he is unable to free the reptile from its awkward position. The now-viral video concludes with no indication of whether the surgery was successful, shocking and horrifying viewers.

snake in ear
It is not known if the doctor was able to pull out the snake in the end Twitter

The video went viral in India with most users accepting it to be real. However, the woman's fear is not visible as she continues to lay on a bed and cooperate with the doctor. This has made many to write in the comment box that the video might be fake.

On the other hand, social media users who were taken aback after viewing the video took to the comment section to express their concerns and reactions to the incident.

While many called it a fake video claiming that it has been manipulated for views, some also asked the user to share the full video. While one user wrote, "Morphed video! How snake turned its mouth back on exit side of ear?", another mockingly said, "Only a snake charmer can extract the snake."

Snake in Ear
It is not known if the surgeon was successful in puling out the snake from the woman's ear canal Twitter

One skeptic observed that the snake was sticking out headfirst, which was weird because it implied that it had entered her ear and turned around in such a little space.

Regardless of the video's veracity, it has happened before that an unwelcome insect settled in someone's ear canal. A cockroach entered a New Zealand man's ear in January and remained there for three full days, turning his worst dread become a reality. While in Puerto Rico, a visitor who was snorkelling met a similar end while interacting with a crab.