Australian Influencer Caught Smuggling Cocaine Inside Her Vagina at Music Festival

A social media influencer and OnlyFans model was caught smuggling cocaine inside her vagina at a music festival in Sydney.

Grace Athanatos, 24, from Port Melbourne, Australia, was busted by drug detection dogs attempting to get the illicit package into Marlo Music Festival at Sydney Olympic Park on May 14.

Athanatos Tried to Smuggled the Coke in a Wrapped Condom

Grace Athanatos
Grace Athanatos Instagram

Police found a knotted condom inside the Melbourne woman's vagina via a private room strip search. She was then charged with supplying drugs (less than a commercial quantity).

Athanatos, who goes by the name Grace Evelyn on social media, pleaded guilty to the charge and escaped both a conviction and a fine at Burwood Local Court on Monday (July 25), instead receiving a 12-month conditional release order (CRO) without a fine.

While her Instagram is normally filled with her modelling shots, Athanatos had a slight change of tone this week, when she thanked her legal team for the outcome in court. She was represented by criminal lawyer Ahmed Dib from the Kogarah-based Dib & Associates Lawyers.

Grace Athanatos
Grace Athanatos' Instagram post Instagram

"HUGE shout out to my savior @ahmeddob and his team at @dibassociateslawyers for helping me today," she shared to her 9800-plus followers. "Honestly such an amazing result and I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. Highly recommend seeing them if you're ever naughty or find yourself in trouble like me."

'I Wanted to Have a Little Fun"

Speaking to Daily Mail, the burgeoning influencer insisted she was a "nice girl" and "never intended to supply" the drug. She said she had planned to share her stash among her girlfriends and had only taken a single 'bump' of cocaine prior to the bust.

"It was really scary!" she told the publication.

"I was so shaken up and I just wanted to do the right thing and be nice. Obviously I wanted to have a little fun, I had a small amount and yes I tried to hide it – like everyone else – but I was caught," she added.

Grace Athanatos
Grace Athanatos Instagram

Under New South Wales law, the maximum penalty for the offense is two years imprisonment and/ or an $11,000 fine if dealt in at a Local Court. If the offense proceeds to the district court, it carries a maximum sentence of 15 years and/ or a $220,000 fine.

In 2018, Sydney woman Grace Poo was caught smuggling 1600 MDMA pills internally and in a "huge bra" into the Midnight Mafia music, which also took place at Sydney Olympic Park.

Poo was found with several condoms full of the drugs and jailed for two years, with a minimum sentence of a year. Court proceedings revealed Poo was given $200, a ticket to the festival and 40 free pills for supplying the drugs.