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Hai Dinho Hai Dinho said I pay attention to every single detail on and off the soccer field. When I'm in a social setting I am very observant. I tend to pay attention to body language, tone of voice, eye contact, oral response, and how they present themselves before I speak
Dec 6, 2021
Bar Am-David Bar Am-David said Having a highly visible product is as much about what a user sees, i.e product photos, compelling Amazon copywriting, pricing, and style options, as it is the research and optimization that takes place on the backend of your product listing
Dec 6, 2021
mogul Karan Walia mogul Karan Walia said Cluep has a bunch of exciting products on the roadmap like tapping into audio and engaging with consumers in the metaverse that Facebook recently announced and AR/VR environments in existing hardware
Dec 4, 2021
NFT NFT is a digital signature - a token - that is stored on a blockchain. It is a permanent, transparent and secure record. Due to the decentralized nature of blockchains
Nov 30, 2021