Everyworld Compensates Users for Their Time Watching Ads and Helps Saving the Earth


The constant bombardment of advertisements can be a nuisance for many people. There is hardly any incentive to engage with ads at a time when the market is so competitive over every single product. People are exposed to thousands of ads every day and yet receive little in return for interacting with them in any way. According to Everyworld, people spend over 41 days watching ads a year without receiving anything in return. A significant chunk of these ads goes unnoticed by the conscious mind.

Everyworld aims to change this by revolutionising the ad-viewing experience. This decentralized ad network hosts blockchain games on Discord with a watch-and-earn approach. Users are expected to engage with tailored advertisements and earn rewards for their time and engagement, which is a refreshing departure from traditional advertising where users are passive recipients. Everyworld empowers users, offering tangible benefits for their attention.

At its core, Everyworld operates as an interactive platform where users can engage with a wide array of advertisements tailored to their interests and preferences. We're in the midst of the most competitive attention economy ever, where products depend on user participation. Blockchains make it easier and more transparent for users to be compensated for their time and attention. The process is much simpler than it seems. You play a game, watch ads, earn points, and potentially win rewards in the form of $EVERY tokens that are split between you and an environmental conservation group. You end up saving the planet while winning rewards. The chance of winning a payout adds an exciting element of unpredictability to the gaming experience. It maximizes engagement and satisfaction by aligning users' interests with advertisers' goals.

Everyworld fundamentally shifts advertising dynamics, transforming it into a mutually beneficial ecosystem where all parties thrive. It empowers players to control their advertising viewing experience, turning it from passive to engaging and rewarding. Advertisers will benefit from increased user engagement and improved conversions. In addition, Everyworld positively impacts the environment through partnerships with environmental conservation groups. Participants contribute to social responsibility as payouts are shared with environmental conservation groups. When a player in Everyworld wins, so does the planet — with payouts made in equal size to the individual and an environmental conservation organisation. So far, two contributions have been made to The Ocean Cleanup, a global non-profit foundation dedicated to removing floating plastic from the oceans.

"Everyworld's vision is to build the world's first decentralised ad network designed to benefit users and the planet equally," Janine Yorio, Everyworld's team lead said.

Although it is relatively new, several big names have already backed this platform. Everyworld garners support from A16Z Crypto, Hashed, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca Brands and Dragonfly. And prominent games such as Shrapnel, Big Time, Star Atlas, Planet Mojo, The Sandbox and High Street are already advertising in the Everyworld network.

Why it matters? People should have control over their online experiences and be rewarded for their time and attention. This is important because it represents a shift towards a more equitable and user-centric advertising approach. Users explore content of interest and earn rewards, enhancing satisfaction and improving the advertiser-consumer relationship.

Users should consider signing up for Everyworld for a multitude of compelling reasons. It fosters a sense of community and contributes to positive change in the world, while also compensating you for your time and attention. So, why continue watching ads for free when you can explore Everyworld and unlock a world of rewards?