International Supermodel Kamal Cheema to be a part of United Nations Magazine Inspiring India 2024

Kamal Cheema

In a world too consumed with attaining overnight success, it is always a delight to come across stories of success, strength, and perseverance made from the ground up. A handful of professionals who belong to this category never gave up on their dreams; instead, they fought for them, and with an unwavering commitment and passion, they kept walking their paths. Supermodels, actors, and artists like Kamal Cheema stand tall, serving as great inspirational examples for the world.

Kamal Cheema, who has already made a lot of positive noise over the years with her incredible work as a model, actor, and now an author, has now turned even more heads with her name being included in the highly prestigious United Nations Magazine Inspiring India 2024.

"To be a part of the ever-so-revered magazine Inspiring India in its latest edition has come as a sweet surprise. Like many other professionals across industries, my journey had me face several trials and tribulations. Still, the genuine aim to inspire lives and bring about a wave of good hope and change among people has what kept me driven throughout my career and life," shares Kamal Cheema.

For the unversed, Inspiring India magazine features stories of inspirational women leaders and changemakers across India. These individuals are known for breaking stereotypes and making unconventional efforts to bring about a more significant change in society through their work.

This special printed booklet features success stories of the most inspiring Indian personalities and celebrities. The previous edition of the magazine featured well-known celebrities like M S Dhoni, Priyanka Chopra, Ratan Tata, and many others. The booklet is distributed mainly to India's top leaders from business, politics, and government, including chief ministers, central government ministers, and renowned billionaires.

Kamal Cheema can't contain her excitement to join the United Nations Magazine Inspiring India 2024 edition. She is thrilled and grateful for this honor and for considering her among India's most inspiring celebrities and personalities. She is ecstatic and looking forward to shooting for the same in Singapore soon.

Kamal Cheema recently also stunned people with her compelling writing as the author of her book "From a Mother to a Child," available on Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart, and her website.