Penthouse Actress Eugene Reveals Why She is Grateful to BTS

Eugene, who is basking in the success of The Penthouse: War in Life season 3, is a fan of the BTS. Not just her, the actress' daughters too are fond of the septet.

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Impact of 'Boy with Luv'
She has revealed an interesting piece of information over how the BTS made her parenting easy recently on the latest episode of Tiki TaCar. Eugene has revealed a story on the impact of the group's song 'Boy with Luv' on one of her two daughters, Lorin.

" know how kids get on the baby car seat, but they need time to get used to it, but you need to go to the hospital or somewhere. Whenever I put her on there, she'd throw a tantrum, but you have to put her in that seat by law, and it's dangerous. So I turn the music on for her and she responds to this song. She becomes calm, so I infinitely repeat this song," she is quoted as saying by Koreaboo.

Reacting to her statement, Kim Gu Ra, one of the hosts, said, "Then you must be more grateful (to BTS)," and the actress agreed with the comment.

The 40-year-old actress, who was a member of the first-generation of SES, stated that she is a fan of the BTS and revealed that she came to know about the septet after it won their first Billboard. She added, "To be honest, I didn't know them before that."

BTS Growth Shocks Eugene
Nonetheless, the multifaceted talent had never expected the BTS group's meteoric rise which came as a shock to her.

Eugene is best known for her association with her group SES, which was disbanded in 2002. Thereafter, she focussed on her acting career although she released a few solo albums.

Save the Last Dance for Me, Wonderful Life, Bread, Love and Dreams, and All About My Mom are some of her memorable works. Her performance in latest drama The Penthouse: War in Life has won rave reviews.

This article was first published on June 22, 2021
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