BTS ARMY Slams Grab Delivery Partners over Homophobic Remarks; Company Fires the Riders Following Controversy

The fans of BTS have come down heavily on a super app after a few of its partners made homophobic comments against the septet. This has forced the company to give a public apology and suspend the riders.

BTS Meal
Seven members of KPop band BTS posing with McDonald's special BTS Meal. Instagram

What is The Issue All About?
A couple of now-suspended delivery partners of Grab Philippines made some disgraceful remarks against BTS and called the septet 'biot' or 'bayot' (meaning: gay in Visayan). Further, they wanted the boycott the limited edition of BTS Meal. The screenshots of their Facebook post went viral and enraged the boy group's fans.

The angry fans slammed the company for their partners' homophobic remarks and demanded the super app to take necessary action against them. Some went out their frustration by urging fans to use the McDonald's app instead of Grabs.

Later, the company chipped in for damage control and apologised to the fans of BTS over the behaviour of its delivery partners. In a press release, the super app stated that it will not tolerate such behaviour from its partners. Check out the Fans' Reaction:

"Inclusivity is one of Grab's core values, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for inexcusable behaviors. We have immediately suspended the delivery partners in question and will continue to work hard to maintain an inclusive and diverse platform," it said in a statement.

It added, "Our delivery partners continue to provide significant services for our kababayans during these trying times," the statement read "We hope that our consumers will not let the actions of a few select individuals affect the livelihoods of the many delivery partners who rely on the Grab platform to support their families,"

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