BTS Army Up in Arms Against a Media Outlet for Alleging Boy Group of Topping Charts through Manipulation

The fans of the BTS are angry and fuming at a Paraguayan news outlet over a report accusing the boy group of topping the US charts through manipulation. It has alleged the septet of joining the likes of Taylor Swift, Drake, and Harry Styles to inflate the statistics.

BTS has won four awards at Billboard Music Awards 2021 for its hit song Dynamite. Instagram

What's in the Article?
The article was published with the headline- BTS's US success casts doubt on chart accuracy. It accused the group of the 'sell cheap and buy in mass' tactic. The story claims that fans of acquiring the song repeatedly to inflate the statistics.

The article blames the BTS fans for making the charts into a useless mechanism.

In simple words, the story claims the songs are acquired by the fans and not the general audience and it might have not reached every nook and corner of North American. The article mentions several examples where the strong promotional campaign and under-hand tactic ensured the albums to top the charts.

Notably, the article points out Travis Scott and Kid Cudi's The Scott topping the chart after it was given a free download for shopping at a clothing line.

However, the story has not gone well with the ARMY which has slammed the article stating that it was making allegations without any credible evidence. They have started a trend on Twitter demanding the media house to give an apology.

Check out the angry fans reactions:

아미: Why do you compare BTS to other groups?
BTS never manipulated all the awards, they won them with a lot of struggle and hard work. Never accuse BTS of something they never did.

Aaru.1013: Watch your mouth before speaking trash about the biggest boy band in the world or the most powerful fandom in the world is gonna ruin You

youngaaa: unbelievable how you can say something like this when bts is the most kindest, humblest, hard-working group i have ever seen Pouting face after years of hard work this is what you give them?!?!?!

Jaya⁷ National struggler: #ApologizeABCCOLOR
They are not just any othe band who sings and perform they are the reason many of us are alive . They are the reason many of us feel safe. They are comfort which no other group can be

EcHuZzZzPurple heart: #ApologizeABCCOLOR
U don't know what is BTS is for us....ur problem is just a matter of can't be apologize for your rude words against our boys....coz BTS is the BEST...Purple heart

Rituparna Sahoo: They call actual buying and streaming of music "manipulation", but when it's a white Artist topping the charts with playlisting and bundles, it's normal?
#DisculpateABCCOLOR #ApologizeABCCOLOR

⁷ Ringed planetSparkles misses muster: why is is that bts always gets talked badly about and not other people? bts worked their ass off to get to where they are and they deserve to be the biggest group in the world.

Lisseth⁷ Cherries: The way he named all those other groups and than proceeds to say he never heard or listened to them Woozy face sir this isn't going the way you think it's going to go. Just another jealous and racist "journalist"

서하: Please stop hating us.
Please stop sending false news.
Please apologize for the wrong news.
Don't talk nonsense without proof of chart manipulation.
Apologize right now

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