The Penthouse 2 Episode 12 Spoilers: With Two Episodes Left for Finale, Drama On No. 1 Ratings

SBS drama The Penthouse 2 will air its penultimate episode on March 27. The finale will be aired on April 2.

The second season of The Penthouse: War in Life is all set to air its penultimate episode with an intimate moment between Lee Ji Ah and Park Eun Suk. The second season of the drama will end on April 2 and the 12th episode being aired on March 27 is sure to make the audience sit on the edge of their seats as more secrets will be revealed.

The previous episode of the drama showed Shim Soo Ryeon played by Lee Ji Ah selling Joo Dan Tae played by Uhm Ki Joon's properties bought under Na Ae Gyo's name. Soon, she is hit by a car and her body is charred. Joo Dan Tae is held responsible for the murder of Na Ae Gyo and it is also revealed that it was a part of Shim Soo Ryeon's revenge against Joo Dan Tae.

The Penthouse 2
Lee Ji Ah and Park Eun Suk in the drama The Penthouse 2. Instagram

Soo Ryeon – Logan Lee's Happy Moment

Episode 12 is expected to be tense as Joo Dan Tae is sure to fight back Soo Ryeon. Cheated by her ex-husband Joo Dan Tae and humiliated by his power games, Soo Ryeon will be seen finding hope for the first time as Logan Lee played by Park Eun Suk holds her in his arms.

The latest stills show Soo Ryeon gazing at Logan Lee affectionately. She is seen in the hospital gown. Logan Lee embraces her with assurance that he will never leave her. It looks like he is relieved to see Soo Ryeon alive and both are ready to plan for a perfect revenge against Joo Dan Tae. But with Joo Dan Tae waiting for another chance to kill Soo Ryeon, will they be able to live happily? This question will be answered in episode 12 of Penthouse 2.

Speaking to Soompi, the production team spoke highly of fantastic synergy between Shim Soo Ryeon and Logan Lee. "Lee Ji Ah and Park Eun Suk's high level of character immersion created fantastic synergy and further maximized the sorrow between Shim Soo Ryeon and Logan Lee. Please tune into the drama to check out their relationship that is receiving a lot of love and support," team Penthouse 2 told Soompi.

Episode 12 of SBS drama The Penthouse 2 will be aired on March 27 at 10 PM KST. Episode 11 was aired on March 26 earned the highest ratings [when compared to any program aired on any channel that day]. AGB Nielsen Korea recorded The Penthouse 2 [episode 11] ratings as 21.5 percent and 25.2 percent for its two parts.