BTS' Jungkook Fans Divided over Ryu Ho-jeong's Post over Legalisation of Tattoo Using his Photos

A post written by Ryu Ho-jeong, the youngest member of the 21st assembly in the South Korean parliament, has started an interesting debate among the netizens. She has penned her views on the importance of legalising and regulating tattoo art in the country.

BTS' Jungkook Fans Divided over Ryu Ho-jeong's Post over Legalisation of Tattoos Using his Photos
BTS' Jungkook Fans Divided over Ryu Ho-jeong's Post.

The member of the Justice Party in the lengthy post with the title – Take the Bandages Off BTS - has written her views by sharing the pictures of Jungkook from the BTS. Celebrities hesitate to flaunt their body arts as the public view those people as anti-social or criminals in society. Further, it is classified as a medical procedure and only qualified doctors perform it.

Hence, the public broadcasters often blur out tattoos of celebs.

Ryu Ho-jeong's Bats for Better Regulation
"The system was not following the change in the world that now respects individuality and creativity of individuals. Beautiful paintings and wonderful words on tattoos that are common around us are illegal in Korea. Korea has over 3 million people having tattoos, and tattoos have been deemed as high artistry that swept the world. Even domestic tattooists are revered as outstanding artists on the world stage but Korea only ignored them," Allkpop quotes Ryu H-jeong as saying.

She also brings the economic angle to the issue by stating that the government is not earning from tattoo art in South Korea since it is illegal. She demands a better regulation of the art by "defining requirements for issuing licenses to tattoo parlors."

At this stage, the government allows only professional doctors to own tattoo parlors. However, it is not illegal to have a tattoo.

Why BTS Fans Angry?
However, her choice of pictures has not gone well with the fans of BTS in general and Jungkook in particular. Many have questioned her intention behind sharing his picture, while others felt that she is trying to hog attention to an all-important issue by using the member of a world-famous boy group and she is not targeting their icon.

Check out how the audience are divided in their views:

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