The New York Times endorses not one but two candidates as Democratic nominees

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren and Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar have been endorsed for the presidency

For the 2020 US Presidential elections, the New York Times has endorsed not one, but two candidates for Democratic nomination. Both of the candidates are women: Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, representing the progressive Left, and Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar, representing the moderate wing.

The newspaper changed its approach for presidential nominations this year, and instead aired the candidates' interviews and details about the endorsement process on a special edition of "The Weekly," the FX network series about the Times.

NYT endorsement

NYT's endorsement

The newspaper said on Monday that, "In a break with convention, the editorial board has chosen to endorse two separate Democratic candidates for president". The paper described Senator Elizabeth Warren as "a gifted storyteller" and Klobuchar as "the very definition" of Midwestern charisma and grit.

The paper aired the candidates' interviews on a special edition of 'The Weekly'.

The newspaper raised concern about Sen. Bernie Sanders' health who "would be 79 when he assumed office" and suffered a "heart attack" in October. Also, many of his ideas, such as paid family leave, a higher minimum wage, universal health care and limits on military intervention, which were once radical, are now mainstream. It also noted Sanders' unwillingness to compromise and political rigidity.

Biden should pass the torch, Yang lacks government experience

The paper acknowledged the experience of former Vice President Joe Biden, but said: "It is time for him to pass the torch to a new generation of political leaders". The newspaper highlighted the 38-year old former mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg's resume and said that he has "a bright political future".

Andrew Yang was described as "engaging and enthusiastic" but with "virtually no experience in government". "We hope he decides to get involved in New York politics", it said. Multi-billionaire Mike Bloomberg was described as "many of the things Mr. Trump pretends to be". But he refused to meet "with The Times's editorial board under the pretext that he didn't yet have positions on enough issues.

Klobuchar and Warren undefeated in elections

While Klobuchar described the NYT endorsement as an "honour", Warren said that she and Klobuchar are "both undefeated in elections and undefeated in New York Times endorsements!"

Amy Klobuchar's tweet
Elizabeth Warren's Tweet

In 2016, the Times endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. President Barack Obama was endorsed in 2008. In 2004, it endorsed the former Secretary of State John Kerry and former Vice President Al Gore in 2000.