Journey After Death? Iraqi Man's Strange NDE Testimonial Sparks Debate

The mindblowing testimonial made by the Iraqi man has already gone viral, and people have started believing that life after death is real

life after death

Death is a conundrum, and humans even in this modern age are trying to uncover this unknown realm. According to modern medical science, human life ends when the brain stops functioning, and they call it death. However, for spiritualists, death is not the end, and they believe that death is just a stage when the human soul reaches a different realm. Even though there is no concrete evidence to back these claims, religious believers adamantly argue that there is something called life after death.

The Mysterious Experience Faced by an Iraqi Man

Now, a man who goes by the pseudonym Faith has shared his mindblowing near-death experience testimonial on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website. In the testimonial, Faith claimed to have reached the mouth of death following a car accident.

According to Faith, he was surrounded by a complete white light following the crash, and he called those moments warm and peaceful.

"I was surrounded completely in bright light. It was such a peaceful, warm feeling that others on earth can't even imagine. It was such a lovely color, just like the colors of a rainbow but much brighter and unbelievable. I was in a place surrounded by scenery like hills or green areas. I could hear very soft music, like something I've never heard before," wrote Faith on the NDERF website.

Faith also added that he completely went outside the body during these moments, and even claimed to have seen people surrounding the crashed car, as he floated above. He also claimed to have felt more alertness than usual during these moments where he faced death.

Life After Death Real?

Not just Faith's, the NDERF website is loaded with several other testimonials where people have shared their mindblowing near-death experience testimonials. Most of these testimonials are very much popular on the internet, and it has made many believe that death is not the end of everything.

However, medical science offers a simple explanation to solve these mysteries. According to medical experts, the human brain will face oxygen scarcity during life-threatening events, and at these moments, the brain will adopt a survival trick which is actually causing these visual hallucinations.