Death Mystery Continues: Woman Claims to have Seen Lady in Victorian Clothing During NDE

During the near-death experience, the woman apparently saw two ladies, one wearing Victorian clothing, and another one with a robe

The phenomenon of death has been perplexing the day since humans attained the capability of thinking. Citing religious textbooks like the Bible, and Quran, spiritualists argue that the life of a human being will not end as a person dies, instead, all of us start the eternal journey after taking the last breath. To substantiate the concept of an afterlife, these spiritualists often cite the testimonials shared by people who have faced near-death experiences (NDE).

The Woman Who Saw a Woman with Robe

A woman named Rebecca has now shared her near-death experience testimonial in the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website. In the testimonial, Rebecca claims that she reached the verge of death at the age of seven.

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Rebecca faced the clutches of death after her appendix ruptured before 17 years. During these moments, she saw a dark tunnel, that changed color from black to grey. She also claimed to have seen a heavenly entity, possibly a man with robe during the NDE.

"I remember physically going through a tunnel that changed color from black to grey. I felt the most content I had ever been in my life. I felt weightless. As I come out of the tunnel, I was floating over a pearly-grey, cloudy place. Then out of nowhere, this person stepped out from behind a veil of sorts. I couldn't really see the face but they were tall and I would say it was a man wearing a robe. Looking back, I didn't know this person. But at the time, I looked at the person and it was like I had known them my whole life. I rushed over and hugged the legs and was hugged back," wrote Rebecca on the NDERF website.

Who was that Lady in Victorian Clothing?

Later, Rebecca reached a place where she saw people queuing. During these moments, she made eye contact with a lady in Victorian clothing. She also saw another woman who was fairly short. After witnessing all these magical sightings, Rebecca was resuscitated by medical experts.

In a questionnaire answered on the NDERF website, Rebecca revealed that her near-death experience was not pleasant, nor distressing. However, she made it clear that her thoughts speeded up during the time of NDE.

Proof of an Afterlife or Brain's Trick?

As the testimonial shared by Rebecca went viral online, many people claimed that it is proving the existence of life after death. However, medical experts dismiss these claims, and they assure that human consciousness will end as the brain stops functioning.

According to medical experts, the human brain will adopt a survival strategy during life-threatening events, and this causes weird visual hallucinations during NDE.