Is Death the End of Human Journey? NDE Victim Claims to have Felt Euphoric Sensation 

Citing the testimonials of near-death experience victims, spiritualists argue that life after death is real

life after death
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Humans have been trying to decode the mysteries surrounding death since the day we attained consciousness. However, until now, the phenomenon of death remains a conundrum, and people are trying hard to understand more about this eternal sleep.

According to medical experts, death is the end of everything, as a human life will end when the brain stops functioning. However, spiritualists argue that death is basically the end of physical life, and humans will continue their eternal journey even after taking the last breath.

The Mysterious Case of Schon

Recently, a man named Schon has shared his near-death experience (NDE) testimonial due to leukemia, and spiritualists argue that this confession is authentic proof of life after death. In the testimonial shared on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website, Schol claimed to have witnessed a white glowing space while being on the verge of death.

Interestingly, most of the near-death experience victims have claimed to have seen white lights and tunnels during the end moments, and they strongly believe that this spiritualistic realm is indicating the possibility of an eternal journey after death.

"I transitioned to see white, glowing space, similar to those commercials where the entire area is near-blinding white. However, there is no definition to space, so it seemed like an endless void. I had no shadow, body, or physical form. I remember 'looking' around. I felt like I was in a jacuzzi because the light felt like heated water. It was a comforting, peaceful, free, and euphoric feeling despite that I had no physical form," wrote Schon on the NDERF website.

Experiencing the Final Moments

In a questionnaire answered on the NDERF website, Schon revealed that the moments before death were entirely pleasing, and he apparently felt more alertness and consciousness than usual. He also added that his thoughts were sped up during these final moments.

As adamant spiritualists continue propagating the idea of life after death, citing the examples of NDE victims, medical experts assure that there is nothing life afterlife. According to medical experts, the weird visual hallucinations faced by NDE victims is due to the survival technique adopted by the human brain to combat decreased oxygen supply.