The Journey After Death or Brain's Trick? Man Claims to Have Seen Himself Naked during NDE

Unlike other near-death experience victims who claim death a pleasant experience, Falcon had distressing final moments

Representational Image (Human Consciousness) Pixabay

Even though humans are the most advanced species on the blue planet, they still find the phenomenon of death puzzling. According to medical experts, death is the end of everything, and it happens when the human brain stops functioning.

However, citing religious textbooks, spiritualists argue that human souls will enter a different realm after death. In order to substantiate this concept, these spiritualists often cite some testimonials shared by near-death experience (NDE) victims.

The Unusual Near-Death Experience of Falcon

Using a pseudonym, Falcon, a resident of Mexico has recently shared his near-death experience testimonial on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website. In the testimonial, Falcon claimed to have entered a heavenly realm while being on the verge of death during a gastric band surgical procedure.

According to Falcon, he saw himself standing naked in front of a tunnel during the NDE. Unlike other NDE victims who claimed to have seen a bright tunnel, Falcon apparently saw a dark tunnel, and it scared him a lot during those frightening moments.

"I opened my eyes and saw myself naked, with mud up to my knees. I was in front of a tunnel, but there was no light. It was very dark, which scared me. The mud swirled around my knees and then fell to ground level. I saw myself as the one who was ahead or naked. There were snakes in the mud, like huge anacondas, that moved in the mud," wrote Falcon on the NDERF website.

Is Death A Distressing Experience?

Several other near-death experience victims had previously claimed that death is an undoubtedly pleasing experience. However, for Falcon, death was a distressing experience, and he argued that entering that tunnel was a scary experience. He also made it clear that his thoughts were speeded up during these moments, and he felt more alertness than normal.

As the near-death experience testimonial shared by Falcon went viral online, several spiritualists have started arguing that life after death is real, and humans continue their journey towards eternity after death. But medical experts believe that these weird visual hallucinations are the result of less oxygen supply to the human brain. According to these experts, the brain will perform a survival trick to combat less oxygen supply during life-threatening events.