Italy: Man offers neighbour wine through window amid Coronavirus lockdown; clip goes viral

The unusual gesture during the lockdown period has impressed many netizens and the clip has gone viral with more than one million views

With the Coronavirus pandemic spreading, the majority of people all over the world are forced to remain inside their homes with limited supplies. Ever since health experts stressed on the need to follow social distancing, meeting up with friends or neighbours even within an apartment complex seems like a far-fetched idea these days.

In this situation, a video from Italy that has surfaced online shows that people are finding unique ways to interact with each other even while being under home quarantine. The latest video shows a man pouring wine into the glass of a neighbour from his window. It is understood that the incident occurred when they were banging pots on their windows as a mark of thankfulness towards the health care workers who are working tirelessly to save the COVID-19 patients.

Video of a man offering wine to neighbour girl through window goes viral amid Coronavirus lockdown in Italy
Video of a man offering wine to neighbour girl through window goes viral amid Coronavirus lockdown in Italy Phillip Kirkland/Twitter

The 22-second video was shared online by a Twitter user named Philip Kirkland with the caption: "Met the girl downstairs tonight banging pots out the window for healthcare workers. Told her to hold out her wine glass. Bystanders saw (sic)." The unusual gesture during the lockdown has impressed many netizens and the clip has gone viral with over one million views.

Meanwhile, netizens are also predicting that it could be the beginning of a probable love story between the two. "It MUST be the start of an *amazing* love story," comments a Twitter user.

Watch the viral video here:

Situation in Italy

Many horrifying videos from Italy have also surfaced online showing real-life situations on how the country is dealing with the latest pandemic. COVID-19 has severely affected the lives of people in the European country, claiming the lives of 15,887 people, the maximum death cases reported from a single country so far. As many as 91,246 active cases have been reported in Italy alone, out of which 3,977 are said to be in a critical condition.

Meanwhile, despite being a developed country with better healthcare facilities, the country is facing a shortage of ventilators. An audio clip of an Indian nurse, working in a hospital in Italy had recently gone viral on social media. In the clip, she had mentioned that the health workers in the country are now forced to let some people die by removing their ventilator support in an attempt to save younger ones, who have a better chance of survival.

"We are compelled to remove the ventilator support of some patients and connect it to someone else, who has better chances of survival. We know that these people from whom we removed the support will die within a few hours. By the time the second person becomes stable, the first one would have died (translated from Malayalam)," the nurse, who identity couldn't be verified, is heard saying in the viral audio clip.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths is rising every day and due to space constraints. The military has started burying the dead bodies of all the COVID-19 victims in the country together.

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