How an Indian teen astrologer is making use of coronavirus outbreak to earn money on YouTube?

Recent videos of this teen astrologer clearly indicate that he is trying to utilize the coronavirus outbreak to the fullest for his personal gains

coronavirus prediction
Indian boy predicting world events for the year 2020 YouTube: Conscience

Internet is quite a tricky place, and this technology that unites the entire planet under one umbrella has the capability of creating celebrities overnight. One such incident happened recently when an Indian teen astrologer named Abhigya became a worldwide sensation after he made predictions for the year 2020.

Interestingly, many people believe that Abhigya had predicted the rise of coronavirus in August 2019. Let us now check out whether this celebrated Indian astrologer had predicted Covid-19 four months before the outbreak. Our efforts to reach out to him failed every time and his location is not traceable.

What are the predictions of Abhigya?

It was on August 22, 2019, that Abhigya uploaded a video on his YouTube channel Conscience with the title 'Severe Danger to the World from November 2019 to April 2020'. In the video, the young Indian astrologer claimed that a dreaded biological war will happen in the year 2020. The teenager also predicted that the automobile industry is going to suffer a lot in 2020.

The video did not garner any public attention until the day coronavirus broke out, and created chaos on the earth. After watching Abhigya's video, people started claiming that the young Indian astrologer had predicted the coronavirus outbreak, as he talked about a possible biological war in the clip released in August.

As the video became viral, many people started calling him the reincarnation of an ancient Hindu saint, and his fame even reached western countries.

Abhigya's second and third video holds the key

As his popularity reached new heights, Abhigya released another video with the title, 'What may happen from March 29 to April 02'. In this video, Abhigya revealed that humanity is going to witness something sinister from March 29, 2020. He also made it clear that the world will witness a sudden spike in Covid-19 cases on March 31.

Surprisingly, Abhigya revealed that a biological war, which he mentioned in his first video, was actually the war of humanity against coronavirus that is currently on its killing spree.

As per Abhigya, critical planetary alignments have direct impacts in determining the stability of earth, and he added that the conjunction of Mars and Saturn between March 31 and April 01 will cause a sudden spike in coronavirus community spread. In this second video, the astrologer also added that the coronavirus outbreak will end on May 29, 2020.

Some days later, he uploaded a third video titled, 'Future of the world 2020-2021 according to astrology by Abhigya'. However, in this video, Abhigya took an unexpected turn from his previous predictions, and he revealed that the coronavirus outbreak will not end on May 29.

Abhigya, in the third video, claimed that most of his viewers have misinterpreted his words regarding the end of coronavirus. The astrologer revealed that Covid-19 cases will actually start declining from May 29, and it does not mean that the pandemic outbreak will end on this day.

Is Abhigya making these videos for publicity and money?

Skeptics believe that his young Indian astrologer is making use of the current chaos to earn money and publicity. As per these skeptics, astrologers, based on Panchangam and planetary positions used to predict natural disasters and attacks randomly in every year. However, due to sheer coincidence, some of these predictions come true.

It should be noted that people who believe in astrology will only notice the one prediction that turned true, but they will not notice thousand other predictions that went wrong.

In the case of Abhigya, things are pretty clear and straight forward. He predicted the rise of a biological war in 2020, and when the Covid-19 outbreak happened, the teenager started arguing that he was actually referring to this pandemic. So it is for any astrologer to be as vague as possible to claim correct prediction months later.