Coronavirus outbreak used to hide approach of doomsday planet Nibiru, conspiracy theorists say

Conspiracy theorists believe that doomsday planet Nibiru is now on its collision course toward earth

Nibiru coronavirus
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Coronavirus, the deadly pathogen that apparently originated from a seafood market in Wuhan has been creating chaos all over the world for the past two months, and as of now, this pandemic has killed more than 69,400 people worldwide. In the midst of all these chaos, a section of conspiracy theorists has started connecting hypothetical killer planet with Covid-19.

How conspiracy theorists are connecting Nibiru and Covid-19?

Even though conspiracy theories surrounding Nibiru are more than three decades old, it gained worldwide attention in 2017 when David Meade, a self-proclaimed Bible scholar predicted the arrival of this killer planet. Meade claimed that Nibiru has been lurking in the edges of the solar system, and it will hit the earth in September 2017.

However, the date predicted by Meade went uneventfully, and conspiracy theories surrounding Nibiru started fading away. However, after the coronavirus outbreak, conspiracy theorists have once again started talking about this hypothetical space body also known as Planet X.

Several people, on social media platforms, claim that the recent coronavirus outbreak is just a cover to deceive the general public. As per these conspiracy theorists, governments all across the world are well aware of Nibiru's arrival, and they are using the Covid-19 outbreak to deviate public attention from this upcoming devastation. These people argue that the pole shift will happen as Nibiru approaches the earth, and the blue planet will be bombarded with thousands of meteors.

Marshall Masters who run the website 'Your own World USA' also recently propagated the Nibiru conspiracy, and now he connected it with the coronavirus outbreak.

"We've seen hot wars and cold wars, but this war for the future of America and freedom across the globe is a silent war being waged, and in a classic sense, it is a battle of good vs. evil. It will end in one of two ways. Very badly or totally awesome beyond belief. It is not ours to win, but ours to lose and there shall be no half-measure," wrote Masters on his website.

NASA's reaction on Nibiru conspiracy theory

As conspiracy theories surrounding Nibiru continue to gain attention on the internet, NASA, the United States space agency has assured that this is nothing but an internet hoax. David Morrison, a senior scientist at NASA revealed that there is no such planet in the outer belt of the solar system.

Space experts believe that Nibiru could have already been visible with naked eyes if such a giant planet is approaching the earth to trigger massive devastation.

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