Teen astrologer who foresaw coronavirus outbreak makes another prediction, and it is scarier than never before

In the video, the astrologer revealed details about a major pandemic rise which will be much scarier than coronavirus outbreak

It was around a few days back that Abhigya Anand, a young astrologer became a sensation on social media platforms as many people started claiming that this teenager had predicted the coronavirus outbreak way back in August 2019. Now, the astrologer has uploaded another video on YouTube, and it details the fate of the world for the year 2020 and 2021.

Coronavirus scare to continue

In one of his previous videos, Abhigya had revealed that coronavirus scare will end on May 29, 2020. But in this clip, Abhigya changed his words and revealed that media houses are misinterpreting his predictions. As per Abhigya, the number of coronavirus cases will start gradually declining, and it does not mean that the pandemic outbreak will end on this day.

Astrologer Abhigya
Indian astrologer predicting future world events YouTube: Conscience

"Some people, all over social media, and even mainstream media have written articles about my predictions stating that coronavirus will end on May 29. My dear friends, the coronavirus is not going to end on May 29. It is just going to start gradually decreasing post-May 29. People have to understand and hear properly. However, this small reduction in coronavirus spread will be there only for two days," said the astrologer.

As per Abhigya, nothing good will happen in the world until the end of June 2020. He believes that an actual slow reduction of coronavirus outbreak will happen only from July.

Superbugs to hit earth?

The astrologer also revealed that more virus outbreaks will happen even if humans succeed in finding a vaccine for coronavirus. "We may find a vaccine for Covid-19. But more viruses will come. Superbugs will come. So, most importantly, our immunity has to be developed by eating organic produce, by consuming everything that is organic," said Abhigya.

The teenager also added that no medical science could save humans unless we improve our immunity. He even urged people to include anti-viral ingredients like turmeric in their food to protect themselves from pandemics like coronavirus.

Does another pandemic outbreak await planet earth?

In the video, the Indian teen also claimed that another pandemic outbreak will happen on December 20, 2020. As per Abhigya, this outbreak will continue until next year March 31, 2021, and this outbreak will be more severe than Covid-19.

The astrologer made it clear that he is making all these predictions after analyzing planetary predictions. As per Abhigya, planetary alignments and lunar geometry have direct impacts in determining the events that will happen on earth. Here's the video:

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