Indian boy who predicted pandemic, warns humanity again, says chaos awaits from tomorrow, March 29 onwards

The Indian boy claimed that humanity is having a war with Covid-19, and the entire world will be in a state of distress on April 01

Indian boy coronavirus
Indian boy predicting events from March 28, 2020 YouTube: Conscience

The claims made by an Indian boy seven months ago in a YouTube video uploaded by a channel named Conscience are now the most-debated point on online space. In the video that was uploaded in August 2019, the boy predicted that the entire world will witness biological warfare in 2020, which many people believe was the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Now, the boy has released a new video and he claims that humanity is going to witness something sinister from March 29, 2020.

Planetary alignment to be blamed?

In the video, the boy claims that a critical planetary alignment will bring chaos to the earth, and these dreaded effects will reach the peak beginning from Tuesday, March 31. As per this Indian teen astrologer, lunar geometries and planetary alignments have direct impact in determining the peace on the earth.

"Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are conjunct. So what will be the effect of this alignment on this world is the major question. Three brightest planets in our solar system are conjunct during this period. This is a very rare celestial phenomenon. Different types of energy will hit the earth during the period. In the time between March 31 and April 1, Mars and Saturn are completely conjunct, and this will be the time when the disease is very much likely to spread," said the Indian boy.

The teenage astrologer also added that biological war, as per his knowledge is the war of humanity against a virus that is currently on its killing spree. He also added that humans should stay at home during this period, and staying out could elevate the chances of a widespread pandemic outbreak.

The Indian boy also made it clear that he is not revealing all these things to spread chaos but to make people aware of the dangers associated with the Covid-19 outbreak.

When will the coronavirus chaos end?

The boy believes that the entire chaos associated with the coronavirus outbreak will end on May 29, 2020. As the video uploaded by Conscience has gone viral on YouTube, viewers have also shared their opinion regarding the predictions made by this astrologer.

"His talk is so divine. I feel the magic. I know a lot of gurus but he is the most favorite one. It's just satisfying. I don't feel the rush," commented Karyn Bhaip, a YouTube user.

"I completely agree. This is a Biochemical War. War doesn't always mean physical killing or the use of weapons. This is another kind of war that has evolved with the evolution of technology. Thank you again child prodigy for all your readings and predictions," commented Natasha Pereira, another YouTuber.

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