Amid Coronavirus crisis, scientists are calculating doomsday date using mathematical predictions

A top health expert had recently revealed that coronavirus could affect everyone in the coming months

The entire world is now facing the heat of the coronavirus outbreak, and as per the latest updates, Covid-19 has killed more than 52,900 people worldwide. In the midst of this chaos, a team of scientists is now busy calculating the doomsday date using mathematical predictions.

American physicist reveals doomsday details

human apocalypse

In a documentary named 'Predicting the End of the World', popular American physicist Michio Kaku reveals the way in which scientists are using various techniques to predict the future of mankind.

"Predictive analytics is a fancy way of looking at the data and finding out why things happen. It's very important for banks, corporations and computer companies to spend hundreds of millions sifting through tonnes of data, trying to find instances of causality. If I raise the price of a product, does my profit margin go down? Will I go bankrupt? In other words, corporations constantly try to predict the future, that's the name of the game. You predict it wrong, you zag when you should zig, you go bankrupt," said Kaku, reports.

In the series, Julia Mossbridge, a professor of neuroscience who works at Northwestern University reveals that prediction models could help to figure out what had happened in the past, and what is awaiting earth in the final days.

"I think the people who work in this way, what they're doing is tapping into some source of information. I don't think the question is why are we able to get information about the future? I think the question is more like why don't we get more information about the future?" said Mossbridge.

Will coronavirus cause doomsday on planet earth?

A few days back, Judith Persichilli, the New Jersey State Health Commissioner who is leading the region's battle against coronavirus had recently revealed that Covid-19 could affect everyone. She also urged everyone to be extra cautious in their day to day life to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

"I'm definitely going to get it. We all are. I am just waiting. It seemed that we were being cautious. We are really proud of ourselves. We said let's get our emergency preparedness plan. Let's get it documented. Let's make sure it gets to the governor's office and that they know what we're doing," said Persichilli.

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