Fact Check: Did Zendaya Get Beaten Up? Viral Video Shows Nasty Brawl, Triggering Speculation

Hollywood star Zendaya is making headlines again after a recent viral video convinced many that the actress was involved in a brawl. Released on Sunday, the video shocked the fans who took to social media pages. The actress was tagged in the posts as the fans hoped this would make her issue a response.

With the cause of the fight unknown, the video shows brawl between two girls, where one was seen violently throwing punches on the other. The girl seen sitting on the floor trying to dodge the attacks, is the one people are speculating to be Zendaya, HITC reported.

Zendaya Fight

As the video continues, the face of the girl being beaten up is shown for half a second. Screenshots of that moment have been circulating on the internet which led to users believing that the girl might be the Euphoria actress.

It is however, not Zendaya. She did not get beaten up, the girl in the video just resembles the actress a little bit.

Many users reacted to the video, and a majority of them stated that it is not funny to assume that the girl getting thrashed is Zendaya nor is it amusing to see someone getting beaten up so violently, according to TheRecentTimes.

"Whether it's Zendaya or not, why the fk are y'all laughing at a woman getting beaten up?" a user tweeted. "That's fking strange."

Zendaya Fight
Screenshot from the viral video Twitter

"Y'all dislike Zendaya that much, y'all making up tales about her getting beat up?" another user said.

"People are truly desensitised," a third commented.

The wildly talented actress was recently named Time's 100 Most Influential People and will soon be seen teaming up with Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino, on his next romantic drama, Challengers.

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