CERN Experiment Assures Existence of God, Says Biblical Preacher

Paul Begley had several times claimed that humanity is currently going through the end times.

CERN, which is home to the world's largest particle accelerator named the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), is located deep below Geneva, France, and Switzerland. Since the beginning of this project, the accelerator has helped make several scientific discoveries. The most noted one among these breakthroughs was the discovery of the Higgs Boson, also known as the God particle, which is believed to impart mass on other particles through the Higgs field.

Milestone Scientific Discovery

The discovery of Higgs Boson was quite crucial for the scientific community. British physicist Peter Higgs had theorized the existence possibility of this particle in the 1960s, and experiments at the Large Hadron Collider proved he was right.

Large Hadron Collider
Scientists studied the excess collision events in the LHC Flickr

Last summer, another finding shocked scientists, as they found that the Higgs Boson is decaying into another elementary particle known as the muon.

Begley Claims God is Real

Popular evangelist Paul Begley has now claimed that the observation of the muon is a strong indication that God is real. During his broadcast on YouTube, the pastor claimed that this discovery amounts to evidence proving God, the ultimate force in the universe is real.

"A muon is also what is known as a second-generation particle. First-generation fermion particles, such as electrons, are the lightest of the particles, but second and third-generation particles can decay to become first-generation particles. So, it goes back to the beginning. Now God doesn't decay, He's the first generation," said Begley.

Without any scientific evidence, Begley outlandishly argued that humans are the second generation, while animals are the third generation. He also added that learning Bible could help to know more about the ultimate cycle of life.

"When we die we go back to the ground from which we came, and it all returns back to the light which started it all. It's actually an absolute circle of life, of what God - what they're doing is they have realized very easily for me to understand, cause I know the Bible and believe it," added Begley, reports.

Begley is now a popular name among conspiracy theorists; all credit goes to his doomsday predictions. In his videos, Begley had several times claimed that humanity is going through the end times, and he believes that recent world events including the coronavirus outbreak are actually fulfilling Biblical prophecies.