Halloween Blue Moon is an Apocalyptic Sign from Heaven, Claims Doomsday Preacher

Paul Begley claimed that the upcoming blue moon and the recent chaotic events on the earth are signalling an imminent apocalypse

Paul Begley, a popular Christian evangelist known for his doomsday predictions has now outlandishly claimed that the blue moon which will grace the skies this Halloween is a prophetic sign from heaven. According to Begley, the blue moon which will hit the skies on October 31 is a sign of an imminent apocalypse, and he added that it has huge significance in determining the fate of the United States.

Blue Moon Before US Presidential Elections

Paul Begley revealed that the moon will peak in brightness just three days before the US presidential election which is scheduled on November 3. Interestingly, this blue moon is arriving at a time when the entire planet is witnessing civil, political, and health unrest.

A full moon rises behind blocks of flats in north London, Britain, January 31, 2018. Reuters

Begley claims that all these events are basically the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies, which clearly indicates that humanity is going through the end times.

"Something Biblical is going on guys, something really Biblical. Wildfires are happening every year, US elections happen every four. Yeah, but they don't all come together during a Blood Moon and then a Blue Moon. What? In a COVID pandemic, pandemic, coronavirus, China coronavirus - call whatever you want to. Something Biblical is going on here guys with the signs of the Second Coming of Christ. It's unbelievable," said Begley, Express.co.uk reports.

Blue Moon: Scientific Explanation

Even though Begley's Blue Moon predictions have impressed his followers, his arguments lack scientific support. According to experts, the blue moon is nothing but a normal full moon, and it is called a blue moon as it marks the second full moon in a month.

NASA, on their website, reveals that the second full moon in a month got the name blue moon around 130 years ago. Following the eruption of a volcano in Krakatoa, an Indonesian island, debris and dust were spewed into the earth's atmosphere, and it made the moon appear blue on that month's second full moon. As it was such a rare sky sighting, it got the name blue moon, and it has no connection with the apocalypse, as claimed by conspiracy theorists.