Doomsday Preacher All Set to Roll Out Apocalypse Prediction App, Warns about Incoming Asteroid

Begley strongly believes that humans are currently going through the end times, and an apocalyptic event could happen on earth soon

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Pastor Begley is a popular doomsday preacher who has been predicting apocalypse events over the past few years. Even though none of his predictions have turned true, Begley enjoys a huge fan following, and his followers strongly believe that the predictions made by Begley are soon going to happen.

Apocalypse App to be Rolled Out Soon

Now, Begley has revealed that his followers can make use of an apocalypse app to get regular updates about the pastor's revelations. The apocalypse watch app will be available on the pastor's website soon, but he has not confirmed the launch date of this smartphone application.

"In these end times, where can you turn for the latest news from a Biblical perspective? The Apocalypse Watch App - coming soon!" said Begley in his recent video.

Asteroid Warning Issued by Begley

In one of his recent videos, Begley has warned that asteroid 2011 ES4, which will make its close approach with earth on Sept. 1, will act as a precursor before the cosmic catastrophe. According to Begley, science has now started backing his claims, as space scientists have admitted the probability of a close approach on Sept. 1, 2020.

"It's been confirmed, incoming fireballs, apocalyptic, headed in our direction. It is prophesied that apocalyptic fireballs will fall. We're getting confirmation they are coming. I've been talking about this for a decade because we knew, according to the Bible, we knew it was coming. Even Stephen Hawking says the Earth will be consumed in the fire in 2600. I think it's gonna be way sooner than that because the Bible says it in second Peter, chapter three," added Begley.

According to Begley, after the arrival of little rocks, big rocks will hit the earth, and the final result could be the end of the blue planet. Begley also argued that recent world events such as the coronavirus outbreak and locust swarm attacks -- are all indicating fulfillment of Biblical prophecies.