Biblical Preacher Begley Says Solar Storm Hints At Imminent Apocalypse, What's The Truth?

Even though Paul Begley has made many doomsday predictions in the past, none of them have turned true

Popular Christian evangelist Paul Begley has been making doomsday predictions over the past few years. Even though none of his predictions have turned true, the evangelist enjoys a huge fan following. And now, Begley has claimed that the signs of the apocalypse have started unfolding, and the upcoming solar storm is an indication that humanity is going through the end times.

Is Solar Activity a Sign of Apocalypse?

In his recent talk, Begley claimed that the upcoming solar storm is actually conveying a cryptic message in the Bible. Citing the Book of Revelation, Begley revealed that these events are indicating the arrival of mankind's final days.

solar storm

"There's a massive hole in the Sun's atmosphere that's sending everything in this direction, so we're going to continue to keep a close eye on all of this. Because I think if you look at these guys from the lens of Biblical prophecy, the Bible talks about the Sun 'will start scorching men, they will gnaw their tongues for pain'. Now, that means they're going to be burning from these areas, pockets of intense microwavable CME, ultraviolet radiation that is going to be hitting with the cosmic rays mixed with the five waves of energy," said Begley, reports.

Begley also added that the fulfillment of these events could mark the second coming of Christ, and that he is trying to alert people.

Can We Trust Begley's Claims?

Even though Begley's claims have gone viral in the conspiracy theory circles, experts assure that solar storms are completely natural, and it is no way connected to the mythical apocalypse.

Solar storms are perfectly a natural phenomenon, and they are known for causing disturbances in the planet's magnetosphere. According to experts, big solar storms could cause power grid fluctuations, tech blackouts, and damage satellite operations, but they will not harm human beings directly in any manner.

In most cases, the solar emissions that hit Earth are only minor and did not pose serious threats to power grids and satellite communication services. The blue planet remains the same as always.