Arkansas mother goes Viral After Launching Ugly Baby Tik Tok Challenge

Arkansas mother Lucy Baehr has gone viral online after launching the ugly baby challenge on TikTok. The mother-of-three captured the attention of social media users worldwide by uploading a video of her newborn baby Reese on social networking platform.

For several years after giving birth to her daughter Harper, Baehr struggled with miscarriages, and she thought it is impossible to expand her family. So, she started adopting dogs, and five months after the mother got her third dog, she found out about her next child Reese. After patiently waiting for nine months, she met her third child.

"I am pretty sure I looked at my husband and was like, 'She is healthy?' She just had a really big nose. Even Harper, when she held her for the first time, looked up at me and said, 'she kind of looks weird, doesn't she?' and I was like 'um, you are not wrong", the mother recollected the first moments of her third child Reese.

Lucy Baehr Talks About Ugly Baby TikTok Challenge

When she shared a video of her daughter on TikTok, it captured the attention of several social media users. She started receiving both praises and backlashes from social media users for criticizing her baby's physical appearance instead of praising her.

Many mothers came forward and revealed that they thought their newborns were cute, but they were not, Baehr said. Some people compared Reese with MR. Bean and Dobby from Harry Potter, she added.

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The Arkansas mother also revealed that she received backlashes from some social media users for calling her baby ugly. While some people called her a horrific mother, a few said the baby could have self-esteem issues when she grows up.

"She is fine! I will tell her all about it one day. This whole situation is going to go in her baby book. She is going to have a great sense of humor. She just needed a minute", Baehr told KARK.

Baehr said she uploaded the video to let all the mothers in the world know that all babies are not perfect. The mother also said she knows that her baby is not ugly.

She also said the video became so popular that many companies approached her with toys for Reese in exchange for her video.