Racist White Woman Verbally Attacks Muslim Mom Over Her Hijab at LA Supermarket, Calls Her a 'Middle Easterner' [VIDEO]

The Muslim woman says the woman started attacking after she asked her to maintain social distance from her son as they waited in line to be checked out at a Los Angeles supermarket.

A video of a Muslim woman being subjected to verbal abuse by a racist white woman at an Albertsons in Los Angeles is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip, originally shared on TikTok by Zardana Bashir who goes by @zardanainjali, went viral after it was posted on the r/PublicFreakout sub-reddit.

Albertsons Karen
Stills from the video shared by @zardanainjali. YouTube

The video starts off with Bashir arguing with the white woman. Using captions in the video, Bashir explains that she was waiting in line with her son at the checkout counter when the woman asked if she was in line and then "rolled her eyes" at her.

Bashir then says the woman then placed her items on the conveyor belt before she could place her shopping items, prompting the cashier to ask if they were together.

"She answered with 'I don't know what she's doing, she's crazy,'" Bashir noted, before adding that she chose to ignore the woman but she continued to be rude towards them so she asked the maskless white woman to step 6 feet away from her son. This prompted the woman to become verbally abusive towards Bashir in front of her child, she wrote.

'This One is F*cking Crazy'

"I asked her to step away from my son," Bashir tells the cashier, who then asks the white woman to maintain social distancing.

"I don't know what the f*ck to do cause this one is f*cking crazy," the woman replies.

"You just told me to go back to your country," Bashir tells the woman.

'She thinks she's f*cking privileged," the white woman yells before making a reference to the Bashir hijab – a head covering worn by women of Muslim faith.

Customers, Staff Members Rush to the Bashir's Defence

Zadana Bashir
Zadana Bashir and her son Instagram

When one of the employees defends Bashir, the "Karen" asks her to "get over yourself." A black customer also intervenes, asking the white woman to stop being rude towards the Muslim woman and evokes the same response from the woman.

"Can I ask you why you hate me?" Bashir asks the woman. "Just because I'm wearing a head scarf?"

"I'm not doing anything wrong here. It's just this Middle Easterner there who thinks she's f*cking privileged!," the woman yells, referring to Bashir. Fellow customers and staff members, who the user refers to as "heroes" then rush to the Bashir's defence and call the woman out over her "racist" behavior.

"All of these people came to my rescue. They stood up to her and this moment proved to me that humanity is great," Bashir wrote towards the end of clip, adding that she got emotional because she was subjected to racist abuse in front of her child. Watch the video below:

This article was first published on July 26, 2021