'Is It A Drug Deal?' 'Karen' Asks Black Woman on Bike Selling Hair Products on California Street [VIRAL VIDEO]

It seems difficult for "white people to mind their own business" at times. A Black woman was confronted by a white lady while she was selling hair products to a client on the street in front of her home. According to a viral video, the white lady was suspicious that a drug deal was going on. So, she asked the Black woman if she was making any illegal move in the middle of the road.

The woman selling the products calmly explained what actually was going on, but the white lady, who is now being called the new "Karen," insisted her to leave as she threatened to call the cops. The whole incident was captured by the client from Sacramento, California in the Natomas neighborhood.

She later posted the video on TikTok from her account @prettii_tb. Pretti was just trying to buy some hair products from the Black woman on a bicycle when the white lady confronted the seller. During the heated conversation, the Karen can be heard saying, "Why are you doing it here?" to which the Black woman replied, "Because I can, this is a public park. It's just a pickup."

Racist Karen
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"Ok, it looks like a drug deal," Karen said.

"I don't care what it looks like, call the police," the Black woman replied further adding that she pays $50,000 taxes, and the mortgage.

"If that's your house, do it at your house," Karen further says in the viral video.

The white lady can be further heard saying that she's just giving the Black woman a "heads up" that what she's doing looks a certain way to certain people in the neighborhood while the Black woman insists that she's doing nothing wrong.

Here's the racist Karen viral video:

Despite the annoying confrontation, the woman selling the product on her bike showed extreme patience with the white woman. Moreover, the video shows the Black woman handing over some hair products including a stylish sequenced hairband and other hair accessories. The video which shows this new Karen in the Wild has gone viral on the internet.

This incident is just another among such cases where racists make assumptions and poke their nose into Black people's business, unsolicited. And, if the white lady (Karen) did think something fishy was taking place, then she could have alerted the police right away.