Millie Sellers: TikTok Influencer Allows Her Mom to 'Sleep With' Her Husband in Family Swinging Arrangement

In a wild yet sensational claim, TikTok influencer Millie Sellers, who goes by the name @milliesellers411 on the video sharing app, stunned her followers after making a revelation that she allows her husband to ''play'' with her mother. She says she ''keeps her man happy'' and her mother satisfied at the same time.

The video garnered a whopping 11 million views in just a day's time, and her viewers said they hope her claims was just a joke, but it wasn't.

Woman allows husband to sleep with mother
TikTok / @milliesellers411

Millie made the announcement being held in the arms of her loving husband. As the video continues, her mother walks up wearing a light pink spaghetti strap crop top with white shorts and her husband hugs her mother from behind making sensual moves. The blonde mom soaks up his advances and caresses him in return.

As and when her husband and mother are seen getting sexual, Millie is heard saying while smiling at the camera, ''Yeah I'm that kind of wife.'' She captioned the video as, ''Don't judge, and yes I do,'' saying she has a swinging arrangement in the family.

Woman allows husband to sleep with mother
TikTok / @milliesellers411

The video, which was crazy at its best, turned off a lot of people and Mille's comments section was full of disgusted comments asking her husband and her mother to stop the tomfoolery and live life normally.

''You know how I keep my mom happy? I let her play with her grandkids,'' commented a user, while another said, ''Bruh. Open relationships are one thing BUT WHEN YOU KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY NOOOO.''

However, another user shed doubt on Millie's claims saying the woman might not really be her mother but another swinger. ''Lol relax guys she's a swinger and that's the other guy's wife. It's not her mother.'' Millie insisted that the woman in frame was indeed her mother.

Digging through Millie's other TikTok videos, the leggy lass has shared videos of herself in bed with a married man and his wife and the trio are seen getting romantic with each other. In another video, Millie is seen asking her husband which of her female friends he would like to sleep with.

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