Yumi's Cells Episode 8 Recap, Episode 9 Spoilers, and How to Watch

Yumi's Cells episode 8 featured the impact of Kim Yumi's lies on her life and how it affected her lover. It introduced GOT7 member Jin Young as Yumi's colleague Ba Bi. He is also struggling in his romantic relationship, and it helped Yumi to understand him better. The followers of this web drama can know about their relationship in the upcoming chapter.

Episode 9 is likely to feature Yumi's breakup with Gu Woong because of Seo Sae Yi. The chapter will be released on TVING Friday, October 15, at 10.50 pm KST. K-drama fans can stream it online on the official website. The romantic comedy-drama will be available with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Viki.

Yumi's Cells Episode 8 Recap

The chapter picked up from where it left off and continued to feature the conversation between Yumi and her ex-boyfriend. But before getting into the details of this conversation, the mini-series featured a fast-forward scene. In it, Yumi's tiny cells visited her library and found out more about her love life. As they entered the vast area, they got fascinated and started to run around. As the elder cell explained the importance of this library and the things kept in it, a wedding photo of Yumi captured the attention of tiny cells.

However, they got scolded by the elder cell. She asked the little ones to read chapter 33 of Yumi's life to know about her wedding. The cell then informed the tiny cells that the most embarrassing moment in Yumi's life was when she lied to her former lover. Although Woong helped her, rumors about their marriage started doing the rounds. When U-gi enquired about it to Woong, Sae Yi overheard it. She decided to take her relationship with him to the next level.

The gamer shifted to the same building and started visiting him often. Sae Yi's ambition of becoming the best game developer changed to marrying Woong. She came up with different ways to divert Woong's attention. But Woong continued to enjoy time with his lover. But when Woong became too busy with his work, Yumi started feeling lonely.

Yumi's Cells
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When Yumi Met Ba Bi

Yumi decided to focus on her physical appearance after rumors about her marriage spread like wildfire. On the first day of exercising, she met one of her colleagues. But she did not notice him. The next day she met him again. To her surprise, he had her lost umbrella. It was her favorite umbrella, and she was happy to get it back.

She came to know from her friends that Ba Bi is considered one of the hottest men in their company. The information did not impress her because she was head over heels for Woong. Though the guy spoke to her about his romantic relationship, Yumi was skeptical about his intentions. She was curious as to if he had any love interest. Later, she found out that they were sailing in the same boat. Both of them are in a relation, but they feel lonely.

Woong Disappointes Yumi Again

After spending the weekend all alone, Yumi thought of surprising Woong. She decided to visit him at night. Though she was excited about meeting him, things took an unexpected turn after Yumi saw Sae Yi in the elevator. From Sae Yi, she found out that Woong and Sae Yi are now living in the same building. It made her angry.

Yumi did not know how to respond, and Sae Yi felt happy. Yumi's cells also felt sad for her. They trusted him, and they were looking forward to his marriage with Yumi. But things are likely to turn for the worst. Will Yumi call it quits with Woong?

Yumi's Cells
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Yumi's Cells Episode 9 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

Yumi's cells might work together to throw out Woong from her heart. They now know that he cares for Sae Yi a lot. They could let go of Woong and focus on Ba Bi. Yumi and Ba Bi are going through similar situations. So, they can understand each other better. It will be interesting to watch the colleagues becoming close friends.

The romantic comedy-drama will be back with a new episode on TVING Friday at 10.50 pm KST. K-drama fans can watch chapter 9 on the official website or stream it on various online platforms, like Viki. Until then, catch with the eight episodes here.