Yumi's Cells Episode 5 Recap, Episode 6 Spoilers and How to Watch; Yumi to Confront Woong?

Yumi's Cells episode 5 aired on Friday, and it featured the birthday celebration of Kim Yumi with Gu Woong. The chapter also featured the first meeting with Yumi and Seo Sae Yi. In episode 6, the mini-series will focus on Sae Yi's interruption of the romantic relationship between Yumi and Woong.

When the romantic comedy-drama returned with a new episode this week, the onscreen couple got much closer to each other. The couple enjoyed many dinner dates and movie nights together. Still, Yumi was excited about her birthday because she spent the day alone for the past three years. All her cells wanted to know if Woong made it special for her this year.

As expected, the game developer did not disappoint his girlfriend. He was the first to wish her. The couple met each other, and Woong surprised his girlfriend with a special gift. He gifted her a necklace that was kept inside a portable charger box. Yumi was happy to receive it, and she was in great shock after knowing about it.

Yumi's Cells
A behind-the-scene photo from Yumi's Cells episode 5. Twitter/tvN

When Yumi Met Sae Yi

However, the couple could not spend much time together because Woong had to go back to the office. Yumi accompanied him to the office in hopes of meeting his colleagues. She also wanted to meet Sae Yi in person. Although she was confident, everything changed after Sae Yi created a misunderstanding between the power couple.

Yumi left Woong's office without telling anybody, and her boyfriend realized it was late. When he called her to inquires about it, she requested him to leave her alone. Towards the end of the chapter, the couple met each other in front of Yumi's house.

Yumi's Cells Episode 6 Spoilers and Streaming Details

In the upcoming episode of this romantic comedy-drama, Yumi and Woong will spend quality time with each other. Sae Yi will not be happy to see the couple enjoying their dates. She may come up with another plan to spoil the relationship. The chapter might show Yumi confronting Woong again because of Sae Yi. Watch the mini-series online on Saturday at 10.50 pm KST.

Yumi's Cells will return with episode 6 on TVING Saturday, October 2.