Yumi's Cells Episode 7 Recap, Episode 8 Spoilers, and How to Watch

Yumi's Cells episode 7 air0ed on TVing Friday at 10.50 pm KST, and it introduced Hometown Cha Cha Cha actor Lee Sang Yi as Yumi's ex-boyfriend, Ugi. The characters met each other unexpectedly. It might bring in some changes to Yumi's relationship with Woong. Watch chapter 8 of the romantic comedy-drama on TVing Saturday to know more about it.

In the upcoming episode, SHINee member Min Ho will reprise his role as Woong's close friend, U-gi. The chapter will also introduce another new character to the viewers, who will probably play a vital role in Yumi's life. K-drama fans will have to wait until the broadcast of this chapter to know more about it. Meanwhile, find out what happened between Yumi and Woong in episode 7.

Yumi Prepares Lunch for Woong

Yumi and Woong got closer to each other after the weekend trip. Yumi's priorities changed as she became head over heels for the game developer. Most of the time, she focussed on various ways to impress him. She spent a lot of money and time on him. One of the things that impressed Woong was the special lunch prepared by her. After having the food, he could not stop praising her.

Yumi and Woong were enjoying the happiest moments of their lives when Seo Sae I created tension. When she saw her colleague's lover in front of the office, she pretended to be very close to Woong. But Yumi's quick actions helped her to calm down and enjoy some time with her new lover. She also went on a movie date with him, and her cells used the opportunity to find out her position in his heart.

Surprising Discoveries

When a black hole appeared in the sky, Yumi's love cell went to Woong's village. He found out that Wóong prioritizes himself more than anyone else. Yumi is ranked second, and Sae I is placed in the 11th position. The cells were happy to know Sae Yi was not a threat to Yumi. But the love cell discovered something strange about the game developer. He buried his marriage plans deep inside the sea.

Yumi's Cells
A behind-the-scene photo from Yumi's Cells episode 7. Twitter/tvN

A Friend's Wedding Ceremony

Yumi met her old friends after receiving a wedding invitation from one of them. They discussed many things, including their marriage plans. When a friend teased Yumi for being single, she told her about Woong. But the friend did not believe her, and she asked for proof. Yumi did not have a photo of him, and she agreed to introduce him at her friend's wedding.

While Yumi was out shopping, she also met her ex-boyfriend. Later, she came to know that he was also attending the wedding. She did everything to look good on that day and requested Woong to accompany her. On the wedding day, Yumi got to know about her former lover's marriage. She lied to him about her marriage, and Woong happened to hear everything. To her surprise, he did not deny it.

Yumi's Cells
A poster of TVING drama Yumi's Cells. Twitter/tvN

Yumi's Cells Episode 8 Spoilers and How to Watch

The upcoming episode of this romantic comedy-drama will reveal why the game developer did not deny their wedding plans. It will also focus on how it will affect their relationship. Sae I is likely to come up with new scheming against Yumi.

The promo shows SHINee member Min Ho reprising his role as U-gi in the new chapter. In the footage, he is seen asking Woong about his wedding plans with Yumi. The clip also introduced a new character. Who could it be? Watch the K-drama on Saturday at 10.50 pm KST to know about it.

Yumi's Cells episode 8 will air on TVING on October 9 at 10.50 pm KST. Watch it online here.