Yumi's Cells Episode 4 Recap, Episode 5 Spoilers, How to watch; Yumi Meets Seo Sae I

Yumi's Cells returned with a new episode on Saturday, and it focussed on the romantic relationship between Kim Yumi and Ku Woong. Chapter 4 followed the couple as they got closer to each other. The upcoming episode will feature the first meeting of Seo Sae I with her colleague and his new girlfriend.

The mini-series picked up right from where it left off and featured the second date between Yumi and Woong. Yumi was surprised to meet Woong in front of her office, and his presence helped her relieve stress. But she felt weak because of starving, and she fell sick. Woong took her to the hospital and bought her new clothes. She started admiring him due to his kind gesture.

The couple decided to go on their second date on the weekend, and all their cells got excited. But things did not happen as they planned. At first, coffee spilled on Yumi's clothes, and she went to Woong's place to clean them. While they were planning to spend time there, the game developer received a call from his office, and he had to get back to work immediately.

Yumi's Cells
A poster of web drama Yumi's Cells. Twitter/tvN

Still, they managed to meet up in the evening and shared their first kiss. Everything happened so fast that cells took some time to realize it. The couple is getting closer to each other, and the viewers can look forward to seeing more dates in the upcoming episodes.

Yumi's Cells Episode 5

The K-drama will return with a new episode on Friday, October 1, at 9 pm KST, and it might feature troubled moments for the onscreen couple. The promo shows
Yumi and Woong, enjoying another date and spending quality time with each other. But they unexpectedly meet Seo Sae I at a restaurant.

Yumi's emotional cell will not be happy to meet Sae I, and anxiety will be worried about Sae I's relationship with Woong. Watch the drama on TVING Friday to find out about the first meeting between Yumi and Seo Sae I online on the streaming site.

Yumi's Cells episode 5 will air on TVing Friday, September 30, at 10.50 pm KST.