Yumi's Cells Episode 3-4 Spoilers, How to Watch Online; Yumi Spends Time with Woong

Yumi's Cells episode 3 focussed on the blind date of Kim Yumi and Ku Woong. The chapter also featured the after-effects of it on both the characters. In the next episode, the mini-series will show the characters their relationship to the next level.

Due to stress, Yumi will feel very weak and struggle to take care of herself. She will get admitted to the hospital, and Woong will take care of her. During her stay in the hospital, he makes sure that she feels comfortable, and he will try to help her be happy.

Yumi will get attracted to the game developer because of his kind gesture. Most of her cells will approve the relationship. In the meantime, Woong gets overjoyed about it, and all his cells celebrate the new development. Both the characters will spend quality time with each other in the upcoming episode.

Yumi's Cells
A behind-the scene still pf Yumi's Cells episode 4. Twitter/tvN

Here is a Quick Recap of Yumi's Cells Episode 3

The first part of the episode featured the blind date between Yumi and Woong. They enjoyed each other's company when suddenly hunger interrupted them. In the excitement of going on a date, Yume skipped her breakfast and lunch. So, she was hungry in the evening. Though the game developer heard her stomach growling, he pretended not to heard it and took her to a restaurant for dinner.n

Gradually, all the cells were impressed by the guy, except emotion. She wanted to go home, but the others cells requested her to give him some more time. So, Yumi and Woong ended up at the frog festival. They spent some time there, and they had a good time when Yumi's mood changed, and she went home.

Yumi's Cells
Actress Kim Go Eun as Yumi in web drama Yumi's Cells. Twitter/tvN

An Unexpected Turn

The relationship between Yumi and Woong took an unexpected turn from that moment. She never replied to his messages, and he got anxious to know the reason. He ended up shaving his beard after an online search about dating. The search result indicated that women do not like beard men. Though he received a short reply from Yumi, he tried to find out why she stopped replying to him again.

In the meantime, Yumi was going through a hard time. All the negative thoughts were stressing her out, and she broke her phone unexpectedly. After struggling for some time, she decided to go home and rest. On the other end, Woong's colleague, Seo Sae I, was making things complicated for him. Towards the end of the episode, Yumi and Woong meet each other in front of her office.

Yumi's Cells
A behind-the-scene photo of Yumi's Cells episode 4. Twitter/tvN

Yumi's Cells Episode 4 Spoilers and How to Watch

In the upcoming chapter, the K-drama will pick up right from where it left off and feature the return of Yumi's love cell. So, the viewers can look forward to some happy moments between Yumi and Woong in the new episode. The chapter will show them spending quality time with each other.

But things could turn for the worst in the chapter due to Sae I. Watch the mini-series on Saturday to know more about the romance between Yumi and Woong. K-drama fans can stream it through TVing at 10.50 pm KST. It will be available online with subtitles here.