Who is Joshua Pieters? The YouTuber Tricks Tucker Carlson with Fake Kate Middleton Photo Editor Interview

The Tucker Carlson Network, streaming on X, fell for the prank

Tucker Carlson, the former Fox News anchor, was pranked by British YouTubers Josh & Archie. They tricked him into interviewing a fake Kensington Palace whistleblower who claimed to be Kate Middleton's photo editor.

Archie Manners pretended to be the former digital content creator for Kate and William. He alleged he was fired for poorly editing the Mother's Day image of Kate Middleton and her children.

The Tucker Carlson Network, streaming on X, fell for the prank. They accepted forged Kensington Palace employment documents presented by the duo.

The pranksters created fake engagement letters, even adding an absurd clause about limb amputation. Despite these red flags, Carlson's team didn't spot the deception. Manners was invited for an interview in London.

Joshua Pieters

In the video, Carlson introduces Manners, still unaware of the prank. Manners convincingly maintains his character, fabricating details about editing the image. Carlson seemed satisfied with the interview, praising Manners afterward.

Later, Carlson's team informed Manners that the interview would air the following week. However, Josh & Archie revealed the prank before it went live, wanting to avoid spreading false rumors.

Joshua Pieters, born in 1993 and based in London, is the mastermind behind the prank. He's known for executing high-profile pranks, including tricking thousands into believing Ed Sheeran attended a boxing match.

The prank, shared on the YouTube channel Josh & Archie, has garnered 26k views. The channel, with 1.47 million subscribers, continues to entertain with its antics.