Who is Chloe Khan? OnlyFans Model Spent Over $1.3 Million For Plastic Surgery to Look Like This

OnlyFans model Chloe Khan spent a fortune to look smoking hot.

OnlyFans Model Chloe Khan has revealed that she has spent a fortune for plastic surgeries. The millionaire model has invested over a whopping $1.3 million for her bo*bs, butts and vagina. During an exclusive interview with The Sun, the glamour model claimed that she has also raked in millions from the X-rated OnlyFans to fund her cosmetic procedures to enhance her body features.

"Oh my God – how much have I spent on surgery? I would say overall, over the years, a million pounds. Not just surgery, but on hair extensions and facials, skincare and non-surgical procedures. I have a lot of upkeep as well, and I'm always in the hair salon," the reality star, 29, said while speaking to The Sun.

Khan also spoke at length about what exactly she has had done over the years to her body putting to rest all speculations. "I've actually only had two boob jobs, which people don't believe because my boobs are so big. But I'm going to get a boob job again soon. I don't want to go bigger or smaller – I just want a refresh. I'll stay the same size," Khan said about her upcoming session.

Chloe Khan
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The popular model also revealed that she had also had veneers, nose jobs three times, and two surgeries for butt implants apart from a Brazilian Bum Lift. "I've had a designer vagina – don't forget that one!" she added.

About her enhanced female features, the model said, "It's just beautified basically. You can get it tightened and I think I feel a difference," according to the New York Post.

Who is Chloe Khan?

Chloe Khan is a model cum OnlyFans stripper who has over 2 million followers on Instagram. The social media influencer is also a mother to a teenage daughter whose name is Destiny. Khan even calls herself an entrepreneur as per her Instagram profile.

This article was first published on April 5, 2022