Kim Jong Un's Sister Threatens South of Elimination Through Nuclear Strike

Kim Jong Un's influential Sister has threatened the South of eliminating it through nuclear strike if they attack.

Kim's Jong Un's sister has threatened South Korea that North, which opposes war, will start a nuclear war if South attacks. The statement comes as a warning that analysts believe is probably aimed at the South's incoming conservative president, according to Reuters. Kim Yo Jong, who is a senior government official of the ruling party said that South Korea had mentioned its military capabilities during a discussion, which has worsened their relations.

Jong Un said if South Korea "opts for military confrontation with us, our nuclear combat force will have to inevitably carry out its duty," the official Korean Central News Agency said on Tuesday.

South Korea's Minister Suh Wook recently stated that his country has variety of missiles with the ability to quickly attack any target in North Korean accurately. He has also declared North Korea his enemy. On this statement of South Korea, North Korea warned that this can have very serious consequences.

Kim Jong Un's sister
Bloomberg screen grab

State news agency KCNA also reported that Kim Yo Jong has expressed that South Korea's defence minister's recent remarks discussing attacks on the North was a "very big mistake."

Moreover, this isn't the first time North Korea warning South Korea with dire consequences. Earlier, North Korea had warned South many times in the past saying if South Korea or the United States challenges them, then they will not hesitate using their nuclear weapons.

Kim Yo Jong issued another warning directed to Suh in about 48 hours on Sunday, calling him a "senseless and scum-like guy."

Her warning comes amid tensions over North Korea's fast-forward weapon testing this year, including testing of an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time since 2017 on March 24, as her brother Kim Jong Un revives nuclear brinkmanship with an aim to pressurize Washington to remove crippling sanctions and accept North Korea as a nuclear power.

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