Charlotte Flair's Bo*b Caught Live on Camera After Wrestler's Wardrobe Gaffe at Wrestlemania

Charlotte Flair suffered a mortifying 'nip slip' as she went head to head with Ronda Rousey during WWE Wrestlemania 38.

After Camila Cabello accidentally flashed her boob during a Live Interview on BBC's The One Show, another celebrity is making headlines for flashing on camera. WWE star Charlotte Flair's bo*b was caught live on camera after the wrestler suffered a wardrobe malfunction while fighting her rival Ronda Rousey on the first night of WWE's WrestleMania 38, according to a Daily Star report.

The mortifying "nip slip" incident took place as Flair was spotted lying down in the ring at the AT&T Stadium in Texas on April 2, 2022. The shocking wardrobe malfunction that left Flair's boobs exposed on camera was captured by one of her fans who took to Twitter to post a screenshot of the incident.

"Charlotte Flair has a Nip Slip again #WrestleMania," a post on Twitter read. However, the broadcast of the WrestleMania 38 match is reported to have blacked out the moment when the wrestler suffered the wardrobe disaster. "No wonder my screen went black," another fan commented.

Charlotte Flair's boobs caught on camera
web screen grab

"They made it so obvious that she had a slip lmao, I didn't even 100% comprehend that she had a slip till that blacked my screen out," another user said on social media.

Flair aka Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, retained her SmackDown Women's champion title as the wrestler beat Rousey in the penultimate match.

The WWE star made her debut in the wrestling world in 2012 and went on to secure her title in SmackDown.

While fighting Rousey, Flair accidentally speared ring referee Charles Robinson making him incapacitated at the time when Flair was giving frantic taps of submission to her opponent Rousey, making it quite redundant.

However, Rousey was left open to a boot and pinfall from her competitor while she was trying to revive the referee. But the referee woke up just in time to count Rousey's submission to Flair.

Flair winning the match against Rousey has also put an end to the latter's previously undefeated streak in singles wrestling competitions ever since her WWE debut in April 2018. Reports suggest that Rousey had lost only twice.

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This article was first published on April 4, 2022