Who Is Bianca Naldy? Adult Movie Star Runs for Brazil Parliament on Christian Labor Party Ticket

Adult movie star Bianca Naldy announced her plans to run for the public office as her home country Brazil gears up for the upcoming general elections.

With an aim to get elected to the Rio de Janeiro Legislative Assembly as a candidate with Agir - Brazil's Christian Labour Party, Naldy believes that Christian voters will support her, despite her professional choices.

Defending herself, the porn star described sex was a holy act and further went on to state that profiting from it is not correct. Calling out the 'hypocrites' who are badmouthing her, she said her profession pays her bills and she is not 'stepping over anybody.'

Bianca Naldy
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"Sex is from God. It was God who created sex. Even animals need sex. The only difference is that I do it in front of the cameras. I pay my bills and I don't step over anybody," she said.
Naldy has previously worked as a municipal guard and a nurse technician before entering the porn industry five years ago, Daily Star reported.

Her campaign motto is "family, health, education and the well-being of the people." Naldy revealed that this unexpected interest in politics was 'sparked' when she was asked to talk about the affairs of state in a recent podcast.

The podcaster further asked if she will consider running for the public office if she received an invite. To this she replied 'why not?' and soon after she was invited to participate as a candidate.
"Politics is part of everything in our life," she said explaining the reason behind accepting the invite.

Bianca Naldy

The Christian Labour Party's political position is center to center-right, and their ideology is focused towards promoting labourism, Christian democracy and conservative liberalism. Naldy did practice Christianity in the past but currently she is not a follower of any religion.

The 2022 Rio de Janeiro state elections will witness voters electing a governor, vice governor, one senator, 46 representatives for the Chamber of Deputies, and 70 Legislative Assembly members. The elections are scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 2 October.