Who is Anthony Albanese? Anti-Queen Labor Leader to Become Australia's 31st Prime Minister as Scott Morrison Suffers Massive Loss

Labor leader Anthony Albanese is set to become the new prime minister of Australia as the incumbent Scott Morrison's party faced massive losses in the federal polls. Albanese, who will become the 31st prime minister of the country, has been in the parliament for more than 26 years.

Albanese, the son of a single mother, will replace Liberal leader Morrison as head of the country.

Anthony Albanese
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Political Career

The economics graduate has been long behind his ambition to become Australia's prime minister. During the election, Albanese revealed that he comes out with the three great faiths -- the Labor party, the Catholic Church, and the South Sydney Rabbitohs, according to ABC.

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese Twitter

Albanese Became Acting PM in 2013

The leader of the Australian Labor Party spent most of his political life in the opposition. Also known as 'Albo', he became acting prime minister in 2013.

The father of one started leading the Labor in 2013 although he lost to Bill Shorten.

Albanese Previously Wanted To Remove Queen as Head of State

Albanese has long been a Republican who believes the Queen should not be head of state in Australia and previously said the country should hold a national vote on becoming a republic in 2018, according to the Daily Mail.

But the Labor Party in its manifesto didn't mention any such plan.

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese Twitter

Critics Say Albanese Didn't Seriously Lead The Party

His critics say that Albanese, who used to keep a low profile, didn't put the much-needed effort into leading the party and gaining power for many years.

But after the pandemic hit the country, major changes emerged in his leadership and political strategies.

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese Twitter

He became aggressive about the government's failure on multiple issues such as test kits shortage, COVID-19 vaccine rollout, climate change, and others. His efforts scaled up his approval rating and jumped the political stocks of labor.

Labor Promised Strong Action on Climate Change

Although coming into power is not all positive for the Labor leader as Australia witnesses massive inflation and has $1 trillion in debt, a big challenge for the 59-year-old leader who lacks the experience to lead the nation.

With the current vote count ongoing, the nine-year rule of the Liberals comes to an end as voters have appeared to have rejected the center-right government and opted for a center-left party, which promised strong action on climate change.

The Labor party claims to form the government although it currently sits on 70 seats, while a majority government needs 76 seats to come into power. But Labor has claimed to be able to form a coalition to make the government.