Flavia Tamayo: Playboy Cover Girl and Miss BumBum Winner a.k.a. Pamela Pantera Arrested for Riding Motorcycle Half-Naked

Tamayo was trying to seduce cops by taking off the remaining few clothes she was still wearing so that she could get out of a traffic jam.

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A winner of a Miss Brazilian BumBum contest and former Playboy cover girl, also dubbed the 'Powder Queen', was arrested during a traffic stop for allegedly riding pillion on a motorbike half-naked. Flavia Tamayo, who earned the nickname because of her alleged involvement in a drug ring, was arrested on December 21 in Brazil.

According to reports, Tamayo, who also goes by the name Pamela Pantera, was trying to seduce cops by taking off the remaining few clothes she was still wearing so that they could help her get out of a traffic jam. That said, this isn't the first time Tamayo has been arrested. She had earlier been jailed for running drug and sex racket.

Seducing Cops

Flavia Tamayo
Flavia Tamayo Twitter

Tamayo was stopped by Military Police (Brazil's preventive police force) officers in the city of Presidente Prudente in the Brazilian state of São Paulo on December 21 after she was riding pillion half naked. Tamayo, whose original name is Pamela Pantera, is actually an escort who is involved in drug and sex trafficking.

During the traffic stop she first tried to open her remaining clothes to seduce the cops as she was struck in a jam and wanted to get out of it quickly. However, she failed in her attempt as the cops weren't impressed. Instead, when they checked the system, they found that there was an open arrest warrant against Tamayo for drug and sex trafficking.

Flavia Tamayo
Flavia Tamayo Flavia Tamayo

Following that she was immediately arrested. Tamayo or Pantera, had been identified by the Civil Police of the Federal District as a member of a criminal organization made up of escorts.

Tamayo recruited escorts, who are reportedly worked in and around Brazil's capital Brasilia. These women supplied cocaine, hashish and women to 'VIP' customers who would pay between $105 to $200 for a 'program' of sex and drugs.

Nothing New

Flavia Tamayo
Flavia Tamayo on the cover of Playboy Twitter

This isn't the first time Tamayo has been arrested. And she is an expert at stripping. She was arrested last year too in July and was also sentenced to jail for eight years but somehow managed to get out.

In July 2021 police seized large quantities of marijuana and cocaine from her home in the administrative region of Aguas Claras in the Federal District. Her notoriety at the time led the Brazilian press to dub her the 'Powder Queen'.

Stripping naked is not new to Tamayao. The 23-year-old adult film star reportedly also stripped in front of the police when officers tried to arrest her from her hotel room in Brazil in July 2020. Besides, Tamayo also worked as a call girl.

Flavia Tamayo Brazil
Flavia Tamayo won the Miss BumBum contest in 2018 Twitter

She was arrested on suspicion of leading an all-female criminal organization that comprised prostitutes. During the raids carried out by the police, they served 37 arrest warrants and managed to seize large amounts of cocaine, firearms and ammunition from Tamayo and the other women in her ring.

Tamayo once featured on the cover of Playboy Portugal and is a known face in Brazil. She also featured in pornographic films, according to Brazilian online magazine Last Second, in which she went by her industry name Pamela Pantera. She also participated in a regional Miss BumBum contest - which rewards the women with the best buttocks - which she won in 2018.

This article was first published on January 5, 2022