Vikings Season 6 Episode 11 Air Date, Spoilers: Cast Shares Crucial Details About Midseason Premiere

The sons of Ragnor Lothbrok are getting ready for another epic battle, and Ivar looks very impatient in the trailer for the second season of Vikings season 6.

Vikings season 6 is a month or two away from its midseason premiere. Though History Channel is yet to make an official announcement about the air date of episode 11, speculations are rife that the show will be back on small screens before the end of this year. Since the historical drama series has only ten episodes to complete the story, the fans are desperately waiting for it.

The final episodes will probably answer all the big questions about the show, including the whereabouts of Floki, and the current status of Rollo. But the most major focus of this season will be on the relationships between the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. The conflict between Bjorn Ironside and Ivar the Boneless will also be a significant part of the second season.

Bjorn and Ivar continue to be the biggest rivals in the Viking world. While Ubbe is in Iceland with Trovi, Hvitserk has teamed up with his little brother again. A trailer for the second half of Vikings season 6 shows Bjorn meeting Ivar and Hvitserk on a battlefield. In the video, the son of Lagertha is seen riding alone towards a big army of Rus Vikings. The surprised look on Aslaug's youngest son reveals that he was never expecting his elder brother on the battlefield.

What will Happen to Bjorn and Ivar in Vikings Season 6 Episode 11?

What will happen next on the battlefield is teased by cast member Alex Høgh Anderson through his Instagram page. The 26-year-old Danish actor shared an image of himself with makeup on his face. The photo hints at an epic battle between the sons of Ragnar in the mid-season premiere episode.

The photo was originally uploaded to appreciate makeup artist Tom Mclnerney for his work. It was accompanied by the caption, "For 3.5 years working on @historyvikings, Sir Tom Mclnerney made me feel pretty (Almost) every day. Thank you for your touch."

The post captured the attention of many Vikings fans. While some said they missed the character a lot, a few others were curious to know the fate of this beloved Viking Warrior. "Please don't die in the final episode," a follower of the historical drama series wrote.

What does the Creator has to say About Last 10 Episodes of Vikings Season 6?

Show creator Michael Hirst promised a satisfying ending for the show. The upcoming episodes of this show will focus on the complicated relationships between Ragnar's son, he said during the Comic-Con.

"The characters who we have all grown to love will have their fates decided. Whether they love or die is of course in the hands of God's, although I had a hand in it too. I think the conclusion of the saga is deeply satisfying a proper and meaningful ending, and I hope all of our fans will feel the same way. I try to do justice to all my characters and I hope I succeeded, " Hirst said.

Vikings could return with a new episode of season 6 towards the end of this year. History Channel

When will Vikings Season 6 Return with Episode 11?

An official announcement about the return of Vikings season 6 is yet to be made by History Channel. Still, it is safe to assume that the drama series will be back on screens with a new episode by the end of November or at the beginning of December. It is because their show has followed a similar format in the last four years.