Vikings season 6 episode 11 release date, spoilers: Star speaks out on Bjorn's 'ultimate demise'

Vikings season 6 is likely to be back with a new episode in eight months' time as speculation is rife about a November return for the show.

Vikings season 6 cast Alexander Ludwig has opened up about the "potentially ultimate demise" of fan-favourite character, Bjorn Ironside. The heart-breaking scene is likely to be featured in episode 11, which will probably air on History Channel in November. This chapter is expected to pay a tribute to Ragnar Lothbrok's son.

After watching the shocking cliffhanger of the mid-season finale episode, the fans of the popular historical drama series were left with several questions about their favourite character. They have been going through all the possible information available online to find out if Bjorn is returning for another set of episodes.

Is Bjorn really dead?

Hardcore fans of Vikings seem to have finally got their answer as actor Ludwig nearly confirmed the death of his character in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. The actor hinted that viewers will get to see the final moments of Ragnar's son in the mid-season premiere episode. According to him, Bjorn had to go through a lot this season and it is time for him to leave the show.

Ludwig also said there were a lot more of Bjorn's stories that he wanted to share with viewers. But it may not be possible because "we are done with the show now". The actor even said that his character always aimed at making his father proud.

Will Bjorn meet his demise in Vikings season 6 episode 11? History Channel

"And this final season has been about coming to terms with the fact that tragically, he may never do that. But in many ways, he's done everything he can to carry his father's legacy as far as he can, and also, forge a path for himself," Ludwig added.

Here is what Creator Michael Hirst has to say about Bjorn's demise

Bjorn may bid adieu to all in episode 11 of Vikings season 6 as Hirst confirmed that the character will return in the second half of the sixth season in "some way, shape, or form". But the show creator revealed that fans will have to watch episode 11 to know more about it.

"Harald and Bjorn are certainly extremely seriously, seriously wounded and likely to die. But what happens after that is saved for [Episode 11]," Hirst said during an interview with TV Guide.