Vikings season 6 episode 11 air date, spoilers: Things will be back to forefront, says creator

Creator Michael Hirst said the mid-season premiere episode of Vikings season 6 will be 'quite astonishing' as it will bring back things to the forefront

After watching the bloody battle of mid-season finale episode, the fans of Vikings are eagerly waiting for the return of season 6 to find out who will be back in episode 11. Though King Harald Finehair and Bjorn Ironside were seriously injured in episode 10, show creator Michael Hirst has confirmed their return in the mid-season premiere episode.

Cast member Alexander Ludwig also teased the return of his character for a final battle before he bids adieu to all. So, the viewers can look forward to seeing Bjorn and King Harald once again in the show through the upcoming episode.

What to expect in the mid-season premiere episode?

Will Bjorn meet his demise in Vikings season 6 episode 11? History Channel

Episode 11 of Vikings season 6 will also go deeper into the conflict between Christianity and paganism, according to Hirst. During an interview with Variety, the show creator said the "deep texture" of this historical drama series is about these two beliefs. The real issue of that time was also the conflict between these two beliefs, which eventually led to the Christianising of all Scandinavian countries, the creator added.

Hirst then explained how he is planning to keep these issues alive in the show in order to remind the viewers that this is still in the backdrop. "I can promise you that in [the second half of Season 6] certain things happened that are quite astonishing and that bring all those things completely back to the forefront of the show in an amazing way," he said.

What lies ahead for the Vikings?

The show creator further teased how the Vikings may eventually lose everything because of their indifferences. He said the only ruler who tried to unite the Kingdom of all Norway was Harald and the only person who could stop all the endless rivalries between the small kingdoms was Bjorn. It is because of the prestige that his father and his family were carrying.

"But this tribal culture is very deep-rooted and it doesn't go away in a generation. It's just an ongoing issue that it is not resolved during my stint as a writer of Vikings. They still fight each other. They can't help it," Hirst said hinting at the D-Day for Vikings.

When will Vikings season 6 return with episode 11?

The historical drama series is expected to air its next episode in November, though there has not been an official announcement from the production team. The followers of this show may have to wait until September to know more about it. Till then, they can catch up with the first 10 episodes of the final season online here.