Vikings season 6 episode 11 release date, spoilers: Will Ivar bring back Bjorn to life?

The war between Rus army and Vikings of Kattegat might be 'The Best Laid Plan' of Ivar and Bjorn and it could be revealed in episode 11 of Vikings season 6.

A secret team-up between two siblings to defeat the enemies is going to be an interesting plot twist for Vikings season 6 episode 11. Though cast member Alexander Ludwig teased about this collaboration between Ivar and Bjorn right after the mid-season finale episode, it never captured the attention of many viewers.

Stabbing Bjorn on the war field and getting ready to celebrate the victory with Rus army might have all been a part of 'The Best Laid Plan' by Ivar as the title for the mid-season finale indicates. If so, then the series of events that are expected in the mid-season premiere episode could take a surprising turn.

Ivar's surprising tranformation

Ludwig has already revealed that Ivar will deeply regret everything that he did against his people and his family. The cast member also said the last 10 episodes of the historical drama series will focus on Ivar's transformation from a ruthless ruler to a kind person, who will be willing to help the people around him.

The 27-year-old Canadian actor then explained that a show like Vikings always shows both sides of a character. A "sociopath", like Ivar, can also show some kind of humanity to viewers in the upcoming episodes. It is mainly because they are not just "big, roaring Vikings", they are people, he added.

"If I know Michael, and I do very well, Ivar is not a caricature. None of these characters are. And that's our job as actors; to make sure that we show their humanity...Ivar has some sort of depth to him and I think that towards the final 10 episodes you will see that," Ludwig said during an interview with TV Guide.

Will Bjorn meet his demise in Vikings season 6 episode 11? History Channel

Ivar to bring back Bjorn to life

So, it is safe to assume that Ivar could bring back Bjorn to life in Vikings season 6 episode 11. Even if the last scene of mid-season finale was not a part of 'The Best Laid Plan' by Ivar, he might try his best to help his sibling and protect his people. But still, the fate of Bjorn will remain a mystery until the show returns with a new episode towards the end of this year.

Since History channel and show creator Hirst are tight-lipped about a return date for the historical drama series, viewers will have to wait for a while to know more about the upcoming episodes. Until then, catch up with the first 10 episodes of Vikings season 6 on the official website of History Channel.