Vikings season 6 episode 11 release date, spoilers: Creator opens up about mid-season premiere

Amid speculations that Vikings season 6 could return earlier than expected, Michael Hirst teased a 'powerful' and 'brilliant' comeback of Bjorn in episode 11.

Vikings season 6 is on a hiatus since February first week and the show is expected to return with a new episode in November. If there is anything the viewers are curious to know about episode 11, it is the fate of Bjorn Ironside. And, show creator Michael Hirst has an answer to that now as he said the mid-season premiere will be 'powerful' and 'brilliant' for Alexander.

The fan favourite character of Bjorn Ironside is portrayed by Canadian actor Alexander Ludwig in the historical drama series. Since the next episode will be a powerful and brilliant one for the actor, it can be assumed that the episode could also be a remarkable one for the character. Does this mean that the King of Kattegat will be back in a more powerful way?

In order to find out the series' followers will have to watch the mid-season premiere episode of Vikings season 6. According to Hirst, "episode 11 will just knock off" the viewers socks as it is a very "powerful" and "brilliant" episode for Alexander. "In a way, that's what I wanted," the creator said during an interview with Gamespot.

In a similar vein, Cast member Ludwig also said in an interview with TV Guide that Bjorn cannot leave the show without a final battle. It means that there will be more action from the eldest son of Ragnar Lodbrok when the show returns with its mid-season premiere episode. But it remains to be seen whether episode 11 will mark the end of Bjorn or it will feature his powerful return.

History Channel

Will Vikings season 6 return on History Channel earlier than expected?

Meanwhile, there are several speculations doing the rounds that Vikings season 6 will return with a new episode earlier than expected. Currently, the historical drama series is expected to be back with its mid-season premiere episode in November. But the ongoing problems faced by the entertainment industry because of the increasing concerns about the spread of coronavirus pandemic may give the show a chance to return early.

Most of the broadcasting channels and networks will soon run out of programs because many of the shows are on halt. While some of the drama series, like The Walking Dead, are yet to finish the post production process, a few others are struggling with the filming process. However, the second part of Vikings season 6 is complete and the team is currently working with the spinoff series. So, the series has a higher chance to telecast its final 10 episodes earlier than expected, according to Metro UK.