TikTok User Catches Cheating Boyfriend After He Sends Her a Live Photo of Himself Hanging 'With the Boys' [VIDEO]

The TikTok user noticed several items in the photo the boyfriend texted her leading her to believe she was being cheated on or being lied to.

A woman on TikTok caught her boyfriend cheating on her after she spotted certain "discrepancies" in a photo he sent her claiming he was watching the Olympics "with the boys."

The woman, Megan-Marie Lammons who goes by @callhermeganmarie on TikTok, claims she texted a guy she was dating, asking him what he was doing and he replied with a message that read, "watching the Olympics with the boys, see u tomorrow."

"Do I Have Dumb Written on My Forehead'

TikTok user catches boyfriend cheating
Stills from the video shared by @callhermeganmarie on TikTok. TikTok

The text message was accompanied with a picture of the TV showing him watching the sporting event. However, what he failed to realize is that the image revealed much more than he intended.

Lammons shared zoomed-in shots of several items in the picture that led her to believe that her boyfriend was not enjoying a night "with the boys" but was instead spending time with a female companion. The TikTok user pointed out several details in the image, including a glass of red wine, a reflection of the what appears to be the woman's knees in the mirrored cabinet under the TV, a book about the history of Chanel and a large bouquet of pink and white flowers.

Comments and Reactions

The TikTok, captioned, "Do I have dumb written on my forehead," and tagged #cheater, has amassed more than 3.7 million views and thousands of comments with users sharing their views on the cheating boyfriend.

Some pointed out the tell-tale signs that it was a woman's apartment."The pink bouquet was sign one. What man would purchase let alone take care of a bouquet himself," wrote one user, to which Megan-Marie replied, "Especially a finance bro."

"The entire room looks feminine. He really thought he did something," commented another.

Meanwhile, others pointed out the lack of effort from the boyfriend to hide the alleged cheating. "Why wouldn't he zoom in and send the TV alone... I have so many questions," one user said.

"He really thought that would work too... who gave men the audacity to be so painfully unaware of themselves...," wrote another.

"Imagine if it was a live photo," another opined, prompting Megan-Marie to reveal that the image was actually a live photo - an iPhone feature that captures the moments just before and after a still image. She shared the live photo in a follow-up video, in which a woman's voice can be heard over the TV commentary.

This is not the first time a cheating boyfriend has been caught thanks to the iPhone's live photo feature. In May, a TikTok user caught her man after her partner sent her a photo of a bed saying he was missing her but when she clicked on the live photo, what she saw was another woman falling on the duvet.